Red Hat: 'Linux Has Won The Data Center'

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"I'm here today to tell you that Linux and the open source community have won."

Red Hat President of Worldwide Products and Technology Paul Cormier claimed victory with those words in front of the crowd of partners and customers at the2015 Summit in BostonWednesday, where he laid out the direction in which the open source community is moving.

"Linux has won in the data center -- [it is] one of two in the data center. Think about that," Cormier said to an applauding crowd.

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"We're not near satisfied; we've just gotten started. Now our job is to take open source all the way across the infrastructure and the application development infrastructure in the enterprise," he said.

Cormier attributed the solutions to "some of the most complex problems" in the enterprise to open source. He discussed the blurred lines between operations people and developers in business due to the growth of mobility, cloud and big data.

"These demands are causing a seismic shift in the IT industry," Cormier said.

IT businesses are moving quickly from "monolithic apps" to dynamic apps that can be scaled on demand. This demand, Cormier said, has taken open source from being considered inappropriate for the enterprise to plain, old mainstream.