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Axcient CEO On Record-Breaking Growth: MSP Consolidation Is A ‘Big Driver’

CJ Fairfield

‘Many of these partners have multiple BCDR solutions that they want to combine. We can bring a more economical solution to the table, and when MSPs are hiring technical resources they can be a lot more efficient with that investment,’ says Rod Mathews, CEO of Axcient.

What is Axcient’s plan to keep this momentum going and to fuel even bigger growth?

We are doing a few different things. We’ve reoriented a lot of our sales opportunities, particularly around our partner success team, with some of the things we’re doing in support with our new support leader. [We want] to make sure we’re listening to our partners to make sure we’re proactively looking for opportunities to help our partners be more successful. Then making sure that we were building those relationships with these MSPs as the MSP community is very relationship-driven. As we do more of that, it actually feeds itself as those MSPs now talk to other MSPs about the great experience they’re having with Axcient. We wind up growing both through additional sales to existing partners as well as bringing new partners on board.

I want to switch to product innovation, what has the feedback been like and has this been a need for MSPs?

We do a number of things to get feedback from those MSPs [such as] surveys and satisfaction feedback. We’ve improved our ability to execute in these areas and we’ve built out some more refined reporting where we can go through on a very quick basis and look at which partners are having issues. That ability to pay attention to what’s going on and be able to really see what’s going on with partners is helping us a lot.

So it’s basically real-time feedback.

The data comes in in real time and so our ability to go turn that data into information and be able to take action on it is where the rubber hits the road. That’s where we’re focused, trying to make sure we can do a better job there.


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CJ Fairfield

CJ Fairfield is an associate editor at CRN covering solution providers, MSPs and distributors. Prior to joining CRN, she worked at daily newspapers, including The Press of Atlantic City in New Jersey and The Frederick News-Post in Maryland. She can be reached at

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