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TD Synnex CEO: Supply Chain Issues Diminishing, Cloud Builds Momentum

Joseph F. Kovar

‘I suspect that by the time we get to the middle of 2023, most of [the data center and infrastructure supply chain] will begin to sort itself out, barring any unforeseen future circumstances. I think that the back half of next year should offer across-the-board ‘pre-COVID’ serviceability from a supply chain perspective,’ says TD Synnex CEO Rich Hume.

Supply Chains, Clouds, And Investors: TD Synnex

A little over a year ago, Tech Data and Synnex merged to create TD Synnex, the biggest IT distributor on the planet. In that year, TD Synnex, and IT distribution in general, have been wrestling with continuing issues around supply chains, macroeconomic trends, and customer adoption of cloud infrastructure vs. traditional data center infrastructure.

Those issues haven’t gone away, but they are having less of an impact over time, said TD Synnex CEO Rich Hume. For instance, Hume recently told CRN that IT supply chain issues for the PC side of the business have pretty much been sorted out, while many parts of the data center and infrastructure side of IT are still experiencing delays.

And yet, Hume said, those delays also come at a time when business appetite for hybrid cloud solutions, which combine on-premises private cloud with public cloud capabilities, is growing, which plays into the strength of the IT channel and IT distribution.

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“We’re positioned to meet that hybrid need of a mix of public and private cloud based on the capabilities that we’ve built out,” he said. “And the way I think about it is, our customers really are helping to design these private cloud deployments. And we’re prepared to be able to deliver in either a physical delivery model or a virtual delivery model.”

At the same time, changing business IT solution requirements is pushing suppliers to find new ways to bring emerging technologies to the fore, Hume said. As a result, TD Synnex’s Advanced Solutions business has now pretty much become synonymous with emerging technologies, he said.

“Internally, we say our Advanced Solutions business is the emerging technologies, or our emerging technologies is our Advanced Solutions business,” he said. “So it‘s become so ingrained, and it’s such a large part of the entirety of the Advanced Solutions organization, that they really are seamless when we think about building private clouds or delivering infrastructure.”

There’s a lot going on at TD Synnex and in IT distribution as business IT requirements continue to evolve. For a look at what’s happening, click through the slideshow.

Note regarding the word “customer” – Hume, like many in the IT distribution community, use the term customer to refer to solution providers, who are the customers of distributors. He is not referring to the end users. Hume, in a reflection of his days at IBM, also uses the IBM term “business partners” to refer to solution providers.

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