Newly Launched Thirdera Looks To Lead In ServiceNow Solutions Arena

Created through the acquisition and merger of three ServiceNow partners, Thirdera and its private equity owner have their eye on being the largest global strategic services provider focused exclusively on the ServiceNow platform.


Three recently acquired ServiceNow channel partners are being combined by their private equity owner to create a new major player in the market for services around the ServiceNow platform.

The new consulting company, named Thirdera, is being officially launched Thursday with the goal of providing the most comprehensive lineup of solutions and services from a company focused exclusively on ServiceNow.

The new company also announced that its executive ranks include CEO Jason Wojahn (pictured) and board chairman Marc Talluto – both veterans of the ServiceNow market.

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Last month Sunstone Partners, based in San Mateo, Calif., said it had acquired three solution providers in the ServiceNow arena with a plan to combine them and create what it called the largest independent consulting partner focused exclusively on ServiceNow.

The three companies are Evergreen Systems, an elite-level ServiceNow partner based in Leesburg, Va.; Cerna Solutions, also an elite ServiceNow partner headquartered in San Marcos, Calif.; and Novo/Scale, a premier-level ServiceNow partner based in Miami, Fla.

“We think the industry is ready for a third era of partner,” CEO Wojahn said in an interview with CRN. “There is a need for an elite-level partner that is solely dedicated to ServiceNow.”

Wojahn was previously president of the ServiceNow business unit at cloud pioneer Cloud Sherpas and then senior managing director and Global ServiceNow Practice Lead at Accenture, which acquired Cloud Sherpas in 2015. While at Accenture he grew the ServiceNow practice, through acquisitions and organic growth, to more than $350 million in annual revenue and more than 6,000 employees.

Talluto was previously CEO of Fruition Partners, one of the industry’s leading ServiceNow integration service providers. Fruition Partners was acquired in 2015 by DXC Technology where Talluto continued to expand the ServiceNow business through a series of ServiceNow partner acquisitions including TESM, BusinessNow and Syscom.

While Evergreen, Cerna and Novo/Scale all focus on the ServiceNow market, each has a unique set of service offerings, competencies and intellectual property that are being integrated under the Thirdera brand, Wojahn said in the interview. Thirdera is now in the process of integrating the Evergreen, Cerna and Novo/Scale operations and rationalizing the three companies’ IP, capabilities and best practices to make them available across the new company.

“We’ve got a great team across these companies,” Wojahn said. “We think we have a really unique opportunity. We want to be the most comprehensive ServiceNow partner in the world.”

Fast-growing ServiceNow offers a cloud-based platform that businesses and organizations use to automate workflows and business processes in such areas as IT operations management, employee and human resource management, customer service management and other processes. That has generated a thriving ecosystem of partners who provide services around the ServiceNow platform.

Thirdera, which will itself be an elite-level ServiceNow partner, will provide consulting, administrative, technical and development services designed to help mid-size and large enterprises make the most efficient use of the ServiceNow platform, according to Wojahn.

The CEO said that by focusing exclusively on ServiceNow, Thirdera can be more agile and work more closely with customers than bigger systems integrators and service companies, such as DXC Technology and NTT Data Services, where ServiceNow is one of multiple practices.

The combination of the three service providers will allow Thirdera to scale the specific capabilities of each company. And the geographic focus of each provides Thirdera with coverage across the Americas where the three companies already do business. Thirdera has employees in North America, Latin America and India.

But Thirdera and its Sunstone Partners owner have no intention of ending the acquisitions with the three. Wojahn said plans call for additional acquisitions in the Americas to expand the new company’s skillsets – including in vertical industries – and geographic coverage. Acquisitions eyed in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia/Pacific will allow Thirdera to become a truly global services provider, he said.

“This is only our first step,” Wojahn said of the combination of Evergreen, Cerna and Novo/Scale under the Thirdera name.

“In the new digital paradigm, IT must become every company’s primary source of innovation,” Chairman Talluto said in a statement announcing Thirdera’s plans. “Our customers understand all too well the urgent need to change the way they work. They know they must harness the power and promise of the cloud, automation and digitization to get there.”

“The combination of our differentiated IP and proprietary solutions make us uniquely capable of helping customers unlock their potential and accelerate their growth and productivity using ServiceNow technologies,” Talluto said.

“The merger, the rebrand and appointment decisions demonstrate the vision, leadership and commitment to ServiceNow customers that we’ve come to expect from Jason and Marc,” said Kevin Haverty, ServiceNow chief revenue officer, in the same statement. “We are excited to see how Thirdera will drive a new era of growth in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem, and we look forward to working closely with its team to delight ServiceNow customers.”