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VMware President Sumit Dhawan Takes On Broadcom Deal, R&D And Partner Questions

O’Ryan Johnson

CRN asks partners what they want to hear from top VMware brass as the company prepares its first—and possibly last—VMware Explore as an independent company.

Can you can you give us any sort of idea of what leadership is going to look like post-transaction? Are you going to remain? Is [CEO] Raghu [Raghuram] going to remain? 

Firstly, it’s important for you and the partners to understand that the strategy, or the strategic rationale, for Broadcom to pursue the transaction is all based on our vision. Our vision, which is outlined with the innovation that we are launching at Explore and the vision that helps our customers get the choice and flexibility to modernize, build, connect, protect all of their applications consistently across all the clouds. That is the vision, that is the foundation and the cornerstone of Broadcom’s rationale in terms of pursuing the acquisition.

We are at this point in time continuing what we call post-closing planning with [Broadcom CEO] Hock [Tan] himself. He is deeply engaged with us, which is good.

At the end of the day, it’d be wrong for me or Raghu, to say, ‘We will be the ones running, running the business.’ Really we serve the shareholders, stockholders and, in this case, it will be the decision that to some extent, during this post-close planning on the leadership structure for and that that will emerge through the discussion.

But in the meantime, there is nothing that we are doing or stopping doing because of this transaction because the transaction is designed with the strategic rationale behind the vision we put in place. Everything that is being built is built in a way so that this continues regardless of how and who is leading it. Hopefully, that doesn’t become a deterrent for not pursuing the vision.

Having said that, this is not to say we aren’t going to be there, I’m just saying that’s where we are in terms of post-close discussions with Hock at this point.

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