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10 Best-Paying Tech Internships Of 2023: Amazon, IBM, Intel

Mark Haranas

Here are the top 10 tech companies paying research interns at least $57 per hour in 2023, according to data from Dice.

Although many of the world’s leading tech companies are conducting layoffs in 2023, many of these IT superstars are paying top dollar for research internships this year.

Tech companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Intel, Google, Nvidia, HP Inc. and Accenture are paying research interns well over $50 per hour, according to new data from career website Dice. All of the 10 IT companies on this list are looking for in-person research interns, meaning remote work is not available.

With aspiring technology professionals looking for internships this summer, CRN breaks down the top 10 best-paying tech internships you should know about.

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Tech Layoffs 2023

Before jumping into the top paying internships of 2023, it should be noted that many of these 10 companies have recently conducted thousands of layoffs.

For example, global IT services star Accenture unveiled this week it will be laying off 19,000 employees, while social media giant Meta—owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatApp—will have laid off approximately 21,000 employees over the course of about six or seven months.

Three of the world’s most notable tech companies—Amazon, Google and Microsoft—have all cut tens-of-thousands of employees in 2023. In fact, these companies combined have terminated approximately 50,000 people this year alone.

However, these large layoff rounds stem from tech companies over-hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic as demand for IT solutions and services skyrocketed. As interest rates and inflation climbed, with a backdrop of fears over a potential recession this year, tech firms have been tightening their belts.

Although with tech companies paying upwards of $75 per hour for research interns, it may be a good sign of potential opportunities ahead in the IT market.

Here are the top 10 best-paying U.S.-based companies for tech internships in 2023.


Mark Haranas

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