Google Cloud’s New AI Launches For Channel Partners At Google Next 2024

From a new generative AI specialization to increasing incentives by 10X for partners driving GenAI customer wins, here are the new launches for channel partners unveiled at Google Cloud Next 2024.

Google Cloud unveiled several new channel enhancements for Google partners including a new generative AI specialization and AI delivery technical bootcamps for solution providers at Google Cloud Next 2024 this week.

“Google Cloud partners have tremendous opportunities to help customers transform with our expansive and open platform for AI,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of Global Ecosystem and Channels at Google Cloud, at Google’s conference in Last Vegas.

“We are committed to supporting our partners at every level of our AI stack, with a partner-led approach to services and delivery; growing incentives and rewards; new opportunities for training and differentiation; and optimized routes-to-market to help partners close larger deals faster, and more often,” Ichhpurani said.

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Google Cloud was recently spotlighted in CRN’s 20 Hottest AI Cloud Companies list of 2024.

Up To 10X Increase Incentives For System Integrators

Ichhpurani said the Mountain View, Calif.-based company has increased its incentives and other channel programs by upwards of 10X for system integrators and software vendors to implement Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions.

He also added that Google Cloud has doubled rewards for services partners who drive more workload adoption and accelerate adoption of key products. Additionally, Google recently grew its new logo incentives for sales and services partners across both Google Workspace and Google Cloud.

Jason Geis, CEO and co-founder of Google partner CloudWerx, said the AI channel incentive increases will drive profitability in 2024.

“When we look at our sales force and the business we're working on, over 50 percent of the deals we're working on have an AI-related component to it,” said Geis. “So we have heavy investments in AI. We’ve hired a number of different employees with Ph.D.s and even hired people from Google. It’s great to see them giving us so much help with these AI incentives.”

New Generative AI Services Specialization

Google Cloud launched a new Generative AI Services Specialization for partners who demonstrate the highest level of technical proficiency with Google Cloud GenAI offerings.

This new specialization will unlock earlier access to Google-led GenAI projects, additional funding for generative AI assessment work, and increased access to AI resources and partner marketing funds.

New Generative AI Delivery Bootcamps

At Google Cloud Next this week, Google also unveiled new generative AI Delivery Excellence and Technical Bootcamps for partners.

These Google bootcamps will provide partners with tools, technology, and expertise to enhance their businesses with artificial intelligence.

New Features To Delivery Readiness Portal

Google’s Delivery Readiness Portal is a data-driven tool that helps partners increase their delivery readiness to improve customer outcomes.

Google said it had added new features to the portal to help partners access resources more easily.

“[The] new user experience for our Delivery Readiness Portal will simplify access to important resources for partners to ensure optimal delivery quality for customers,” said Ichhpurani.

CloudWerx’s CEO said Google is investing to enable its partner ecosystem to find new customers and deliver AI outcomes that businesses of all shapes and sizes are seeking.

“AI is a component of our business that is just absolutely exploding,” said Geis. “People are nervous that if they don't have a strategy, they're going to lose out to their competitors, because AI is going to reinvent the business in the industries.”

Geis said CloudWerx, who won the 2024 Google Cloud Breakthrough Partner of the Year award for North America, is seeing interest and new customer wins around AI across nearly every industry vertical.

“Everybody wants to talk about AI. So we use AI as a Trojan horse to get into the account. Then when we see where's the data, we find out what the issues are, and more about the organization, then we can really get a foothold and bring Google AI into the account while also expanding Google as a cloud platform,” said Geis. “We feel like Google has the best technology in the industry.”