OS33 Cloud Platform Update Gives MSPs More Cloud Tools

Since OS33 came out of stealth mode in November, the young cloud platform player has already brought on 40,000 users and has been adding MSPs at a swift clip, signing 10 since the company's launch, said OS33 President and CTO Jacob Kazakevich. With the new updates to its Cloud File Manager and OS33 WebTop, OS33 is giving MSPs new weapons for their cloud arsenals.

The update adds easy access to corporate file systems and Microsoft SharePoint directly from any Web browser, it integrates support for OpenSocial Gadgets from providers like Google and it includes an optimized Mobile Portal that is now accessible via most mobile devices, including the Apple iPad. All told, the updates make it easier for users to access company resources from a single Web-based interface.

The new Cloud File Manager offers access to a hosted file system straight from the OS33 WebTop. It works in any browser and on the iPad and Google Android tablets. There is no third party licensing or setup or migration required; users or MSPs drop Cloud File Manager into the WebTop for instant hosted file access. The Cloud File Manager also features fully integrated Microsoft Office WEB to let users view, edit and save Office documents directly in the Cloud File Manager and mix and match hosted and Web-based Office apps.

Kazakevich said new iGoogle integration in OS33 lets users leverage all OS33 functionality from iGoogle and end users and MSPs can add OS33 objects to their iGoogle pages; and access corporate application, file system and administrative tasks from iGoogle. And new integration with OpenSocial Gadgets enables iGoogle gadgets to run inside OS33's WebTop and the WebTop interface can be customized with stock quotes, to-do lists, driving directions and more. Additionally, Kazakevich said, MSPs can write their own OpenSocial-compatible gadgets.

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Another new feature is the OS33 Mobile WebTop which is optimized for mobile devices and enables access to all corporate files and applications. Users and MSPs can manage and support hosted environments on iPads and Android devices. The Mobile WebTop requires no additional applications, Kazakevich said.

Kazakevich said the new release is available immediately to all MSPs and customers without an upgrade and the majority of new features are added to the OS33 WebApps package, which costs MSPs $3.50 per user with a margin of about 50 percent or more.

Kazakevich added that the new features are available to MSPs as part of OS33's Quick Start partner program, which on-ramps MSPs quickly to the OS33 cloud platform.