OS33, Avazpour Combine To Automate Cloud Infrastructures For MSPs

The OS33 Grid provides a full range of integrated cloud resources to MSPs who might otherwise have to work with multiple cloud service providers, said Jim Avazpour, president and CEO of Avazpour Networking Services and president of OS33's Infrastructure Division.

Avazpour Networking Services late last year was acquired by Technology Capital Investors, which also owns New York-based OS33. It brought IT outsourcing solution and data center infrastructure management to OS33's cloud automation technology, Avazpour said.

By combining the OS33 and the Avazpour Networking Services technologies in the OS33 Grid, MSPs get such capabilities as server provisioning, cloud management, operating system management, and application monitoring, Avazpour said.

"It allows MSPs to provide cloud services and provide the ability to move their operations from traditional services to the cloud," he said.

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The OS33 Grid lets MSPs focus on managing their own virtual environments and the services they provide to customers instead of managing multiple suppliers' technology, Avazpour said.

It is also integrated with a high degree of security to protect customers' data, and provides tight network and storage integration so that they do not impact the performance of front-end server processors and memory, he said.

Avazpour said that management is critical in cloud infrastructures, and that it is important to blend different capabilities into a single offering.

"For instance, look at performance SLAs (service level agreements)," he said. "You see a lot of cloud providers offering different SLAs on their RAM, CPU, and other parts. But all the components are just as critical, including networking and storage."

As an example of OS33's attempt to provide a consistent SLA to its MSP customers, Avazpour said that the OS33 Grid integrates storage technologies from two long-term partners.

The first is CommVault, which provides a complete data backup solution suitable for companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises facing regulatory concerns. "For companies that require high availability, CommVault can provide data snapshots on an hourly basis," he said.

For tiered storage to the cloud, OS33 works with DataCore Software. DataCore's storage virtualization technology can tie multiple SANs together for high availability and performance, and automate the migration of data to the cloud, he said.

MSPs looking to implement disaster recovery can use the CommVault and DataCore offerings to replicate backups to offsite data centers, including OS33 data centers in Secaucus, N.J., Overland Park, Kansas, and Santa Clara, Calif.

"We can provide cold, warm, and hot disaster recovery, depending on the customer's budget," he said.