DXC Technology Picks Turbonomic As An Automation Platform Of Choice In Multiyear Deal

Turbonomic has inked the biggest deal in its history and says the multi-year agreement has potential to quadruple its install base.

The agreement makes Turbonomic a standard automation platform across IT services giant DXC Technology's services and hybrid cloud offerings, and is the biggest single contract in Turbonomic's history.

"It's a huge leap for Tubonomic," Vice President of Global Alliances FJ Gould said. "We've got an install base of roughly 1,700 customers. This almost effectively quadruples that." Gould called the agreement "pivotal," and "game-changing," saying the deal puts Turbonomic at the forefront of the so-called IT transformation sweeping the customer landscape.

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"To think you're going to manage data centers in the way we managed data centers 10 or 20 years ago, which many are still doing, it just becomes untenable," Gould said. "The scale simply outstrips what humans can do. It elevates the awareness of Turbonomic in the market, and for anyone who doesn't know us to see that DXC is using us in a meaningful way probably validates much of what they either thought or had heard."

The deal, which was announced officially this morning, could be seen as the culmination of the three-year partnership between Turbonomic and CSC, which merged with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise's Solutions business to form DXC earlier this year. Turbonomic had also been used in HPE's internal IT environment.

Turbonomic was part of the virtual private cloud that HPE Enterprise Solutions managed before the CSC merger. In fact, that was one of the first environments seven-year-old Turbonomic has deployed across, and Gould said it served as a proving ground for the platform, which allows for the real-time, automatic, self-management of private and public cloud environments.

"We built the alliance soon after the merger because we had the confidence of both sides coming into it," Gould said. "When you look at DXC's business, you see the multitude of use cases that Turbonomic can be brought into and how we can help them drive business outcomes."

"We're not going to be on every client and every workload," Gould said, "but as we build out strategic alliances, the breadth and depth of the market penetration, it represents a massive validation of the technology and an inevitability around running data center operations and managed services operations in a way that really responds to customers' needs to ensure application performance and do that in an efficient way from a capital expenditure standpoint and an operational standpoint."

It's been a busy year for Tubonomic leading up to the DXC agreement. The company's platform assures customers that they're fully utilizing data center and cloud resources. The latest version of the platform, introduced last month, added storage and database management for AWS and Microsoft Azure to the mix.

About a year ago, Turbonomic hired Hewlett-Packard veteran Bill Veghte as executive chairman. It made Microsoft veteran Jennifer Heard Channel Chief last spring and hired its first COO, Mark Thurmond, last month.

DXC, ranked No. 11 on CRN's 2017 Solution Provider 500 list, was formed last April by the merger of $7.1 billion CSC and HPE's Enterprise Solutions business. The company now has about 170,000 employees in 70 countries and has undertaken a $1 billion cost-saving effort. In August, the company shut down 58 facilities and eliminated 40 percent of its vice presidents and directors.

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