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Accenture: Google ‘Wins In Data’; Big Plans For Google Cloud Marketplace

Mark Haranas

Tom Stuermer, head of Accenture’s Google Cloud business, explains to CRN Google Cloud’s market differentiation and Accenture’s plan to drive business via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Global IT superstar Accenture is doubling down on Google Cloud in 2023 and putting more custom solutions on the Google Cloud Marketplace as the cloud giant pushes partners to sell more via the Marketplace by launching new capabilities.

Tom Stuermer, global senior director of Accenture’s entire Google Business Group, said Google Cloud’s data differentiation, momentum in winning new cloud-native customers, and cybersecurity focus has Accenture bullish about 2023.

“Google wins in data. They have a really compelling story around data. When I see them competing in the marketplace, it’s one place where they become a bit of a disrupter even if there’s an incumbent,” said Stuermer.

“The Mandiant acquisition in the brand recognition now pulls them into C-suite relevancy very immediately in that security topic,” Stuermer added.

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Google Cloud Marketplace

Stuermer’s career with Accenture spans nearly 30 years, holding many global management roles including global managing director of Accenture’s ecosystem partnerships.

Accenture is a $62 billion technology leader, ranking No. 1 on CRN’s 2022 Solution Provider 500 list, and is one of the largest Google Cloud partners on the planet with thousands of dedicated Google professionals inhouse.

One massive opportunity ahead for Accenture this year is the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Last week, the Mountain View, Calif.-based cloud company launches new capabilities and features to enable partners to sell more custom and private offerings on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“If I go back a year ago, the Marketplace was really good at small grain services that can be consumed in a very predictable way, like API’s or very discrete things that customers might consume. But it wasn’t very useful for what I would call larger grain solutions, like industry solutions and infrastructure solutions,” said Accenture’s Stuermer, who runs an organization of over 5,000 people.

“The bespoke custom offerings that have been deployed now allow us to have very elegant and complex business outcomes solutions that we will put into the Marketplace,” he said. “So we’ve got solutions in multiple industries now we’re honing in it. We’re deploying those into the Marketplace as we speak. … We truly feel like we got a special partner here.”

Stuermer talks to CRN about Accenture’s bullish thoughts on Google Cloud and plan this year to drive sales via the Google Cloud Marketplace.


Mark Haranas

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