Advizex Names Joe VanPatten As New Cloud Consumption Sales VP

‘We are providing customers with an easier way to consume and pay for a cloud environment,’ says new Advizex Vice President of Cloud Consumption Joe VanPatten. ‘It doesn’t matter if it is on-prem or lives in a public cloud. The customer doesn’t have to care. They care about the solution and how it performs and if their end users are happy.’


Advizex is stepping up its no-holds-barred drive to be a one-stop everything-as-a-service provider for its customers with the appointment of one of its top sales executives, Joe VanPatten, into a new role as vice president of cloud consumption.

VanPatten, a 29-year tech sales veteran who has established himself as a rising star at the global solution provider, is now responsible for ramping up the company’s everything as-a-service sales efforts.

The appointment of VanPatten is the next step in Advizex’s plan to raise the recurring revenue needle to 50 percent of sales over the next three years, said C.R. Howdyshell, the president of Advizex, who was named a CRN Top 100 executive for his game changing everything as-a-service sales leadership. “We’re moving fast,” he said. “Joe’s appointment is critical to our success here.”

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The global pandemic has accelerated the everything as-a-service cloud consumption sales model with a “heightened” customer focus on business outcomes, said Howdyshell. ”Customers want to consume as-a-service because it is more cloud-like,” he said.

The VanPatten appointment comes with Advizex driving a full everything as-a-service model with a wide range of consumption offerings under an end to end secure framework. Among the top consumption based offerings in the Advizex portfolio led by Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s GreenLake’s on-premises cloud service are Epic, SAP, VMware, Dynatrace, Hashicorp, Snowflake and Splunk.

Howdyshell said VanPatten, a seven-year Advizex veteran who was a general manager in the Rochester, New York region, has all the right qualities to lead the consumption sales charge.

“Joe has been successful selling consumption and understands both the financial side and the technical side,” said Howdyshell. “There aren’t too many people that can have the conversation with the technical folks and the financial folks. Joe can sit down with the director of storage or compute and at the same time discuss the financial and tax benefits with the CFO or CEO. There aren’t that many people that have his skill set. I am thrilled about having him take on this role.”

The appointment of VanPatten – who is married to a CIO and knows first hand the challenges facing IT leaders today- comes with Advizex driving increasing competitive advantage in the marketplace with its financial acumen. “We’re having conversations with CEO and CFOs on the financial benefits of the consumption model,” said Howdyshell. “Our general managers have P and L (profit and loss) responsibility and understand the income statements and what it means to run a true business. That’s a tremendous benefit for Advizex.”

VanPatten has already proved his consumption sales mettle working with customers on a wide range of consumption and subscription issues under the Advizex cloud managed services umbrella.

Under that managed services platform, Advizex takes complete responsibility for infrastructure and subscription with uptime and service level agreement commtiments for everything from on-premise cloud to public cloud to databases and applications.

VanPatten said couldn’t be more excited about helping Advizex carve out a leadership position in the fast growing consumption sales IT market. “This is where the industry is going,” he said. “If you look at all the different solutions they are all going to subscription type models.”

In fact, VanPatten said the consumption model is reshaping the entire IT landscape and Advizex is responding with the ability to provide a single point of accountability on consumption based IT.

“We are providing customers with an easier way to consume and pay for a cloud environment,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if it is on-prem or lives in a public cloud. The customer doesn’t have to care. They care about the solution and how it performs and if their end users are happy. If we can provide everything as-a-service in one contract, not just infrastructure, but SaaS (software as-a-service) in a streamlined way, we are going to make a lot of customers very happy.”

Howdyshell for his part is convinced VanPatten is going to drive a new era of consumption based sales growth for Advizex. “For customers to be able to talk to somebody like Joe who has the talent and experience to have a consumption conversation with them opens doors and changes the game for us,” he said. “It’s a big bet for us and I am 100 percent convinced it will pay off.”