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AWS CEO: Cloud Can Solve Economic Uncertainty, Sustainability

Mark Haranas

“There’s this uncertainty in the air. A lot of people are asking, ‘Should we slow down? Should we pause?’ No. Now’s the time to lean in harder,” says AWS CEO Adam Selipsky at AWS re:Invent 2022.

Selipsky: ‘We Are Committed To The Channel’

Another strategy is really continuing to build capabilities for partners.

Ultimately, both we and the whole partner community exist for one reason, which is to add value to customers to make their lives easier.

But we also want to enable partners and activate partners as well.

The go-to-market programs that we’ve built, we’re certainly not done, but we’ve made a lot of progress and are doing a lot more today than we used to do. We have all sorts of capabilities in terms of joint go-to-market.

I think the AWS Marketplace is a great example.

It’s come so far over the years and has just evolved so much. We’ve built technical capabilities within the past five or six years that just didn’t exist there before.

And as a result, we’ve seen a tremendous success by so many partners in different sectors selling on the AWS Marketplace.

CrowdStrike is a great example. They were there last year and the year before, so we already had a very good business on the AWS Marketplace. Yet, their business there grew over 100 percent in the last year.

So there’s a lot of opportunities there across a lot of different sectors and we’re going to continue to invest there. It’s great for our joint end customers and it’s great for our partners for us to provide that kind of exposure.

We also work together in the field. We’ve got the ISV Accelerator Program, for example, where we know how to register deals and actually incent salespeople and that type of thing. That’s been quite successful over the last few years as well.

We are committed to the channel. ... We’ll continue building the partner community. So that’ll be a constant.


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