Adam Selipsky To AWS Employees: ‘Headwinds Ahead In The World’

‘This year was marked by big achievements and a ton of progress, in the face of challenges and often dizzying change,’ says AWS CEO Adam Selipsky in a letter to employees.


In a note to Amazon Web Services’ thousands of employees, CEO Adam Selipsky touted their big accomplishments in 2022, while also telling them to prepare for headwinds ahead.

“This year was marked by big achievements and a ton of progress, in the face of challenges and often dizzying change,” said Selipsky. “And also, of course, by all the uncertainty in the world and the worry that [it] can bring.”

The AWS CEO said what stood out the most was that employees could “adapt and relentlessly deliver—undeterred and undistracted—for our customers and partners.”

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However, Selipsky told his employees to prepare for some headwinds next year.

“For sure there are headwinds ahead in the world. Let’s all continue to support each other and bring our best every day,” he said. “I come to the office every morning excited about the innovation we spark, the transformation we drive, and the impact we have.”

AWS Accomplishment In 2022

Selipsky touted several of AWS’ biggest accomplishments this year—many of which made CRN’s 10 Biggest AWS News Stories of 2022—including aiding Ukraine and launching a slew of new AWS products and innovation.

“I feel so lucky to work with all of you bringing innovation to life,” said AWS CEO. “From opening four new AWS Infrastructure Regions, to releasing breakthrough new services, to announcing hundreds of new customers, to hosting 50,000+ people in person and more than 300,000 registered virtually at re:Invent—all really amazing accomplishments.”

Selipsky highlighted how his Seattle-based company provided critical support to Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, including committing more than $75 million in aid.

In July, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded AWS the Ukraine Peace Prize for the support AWS has shown the Ukraine government and the Ukrainian people.

Sustainability And Training

In his letter to employees, the CEO also highlighted how AWS “made significant progress toward our sustainability goals” including Amazon’s goal to be 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.

“We’re already over 85 percent of the way there,” he said. “And new for AWS, [is] to be Water Positive by 2030.”

Last month, the global cloud market share leader pledged that AWS will return more water to communities than it uses in its cloud operations within eight years.

Over the past several years, AWS has been on a certification and training charge.

The company set a goal of training 29 million by 2025.

In 2022, AWS helped more than 13 million people gain access to cloud computing skills through its free workforce programs.

“I hope you are all really proud of yourselves and your teammates! I know I am,” Selipsky said regarding training millions of people.

The $80 billion cloud computing giant current owns 34 percent market share of the global cloud services market, according to IT research firm Synergy Research Group.

Selipsky ended his letter to employees by telling them to relax and recharge over the holidays.

“Thank you for a tremendous 2022,” Selipsky said. “I look forward to the year ahead with you all.”