AWS Partner Cascadeo Creates ‘Disruptive’ OpenAI GPT Cloud Service

‘[This] represents a revolution in how cloud and legacy infrastructure is monitored and managed,’ said Cascadeo President and CTO Jared Reimer.


AWS all-star partner Cascadeo has created an innovative artificial intelligence-based solution combining its own cloud management platform with OpenAI’s GPT technology that is looking to shake up the market.

“[This] represents a revolution in how cloud and legacy infrastructure is monitored and managed,” said Jared Reimer, the founder, president and CTO of Cascadeo. “Generative AI, led by OpenAI’s GPT platform, is the most disruptive innovation of our lifetimes.”

The Seattle-based AWS Premier partner’s new integration between OpenAI’s large language model (LLM) and Cascadeo’s flagship cloud platform enables automated creation of runbook recipes for incident handling and response; builds a clear path to fully automated remediation capabilities; and provides deeper sophistication in alerting. It provides AI-assisted criticality assessment, event validation and actionable remediation steps when prompted with events.

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“Regardless of platform, vendor, or event source, the accuracy and insight of this integration is approaching or surpassing skilled human operator levels,” Reimer told CRN. “The combination turbo-charges our platform and managed services operations, giving our customers incredible new value without any additional effort or expense.”

Cascadio: ‘All Companies Will Eventually Embrace This Approach’

The cloud management platform provides customizable infrastructure and applications monitoring across public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments. GPT is a LLM platform developed by OpenAI that uses AI and data available on the Internet to answer questions and provide insights.

By combining these two technologies, it provides customers a more intelligent and automated approach to interpreting and understanding system events. The new platform can automatically recognize if an event is a problem and assess its severity, then determine how to verify and resolve the issue.

Additionally, the automatic and nearly instantaneous creation of runbook recipes based on OpenAI GPT insights, empowers Cascadeo operations engineers to address issues more effectively, Reimer told CRN.

“It isn’t an overstatement to say that large language models and the application of generative AI to systems operations is a revolutionary step forward,” said Reimer. “In the future, all companies will eventually embrace this approach. Cascadeo is, as always, leading the charge forward.”

New AI Cloud Service Is Free

In a bold move, Cascadeo said the new “disruptive” AI cloud management service offering will come at no cost to both clients and the broader community, including cloud customers with no existing business with Cascadeo.

“By absorbing the cost of OpenAI integration and API tokens, we can strengthen our relationships with our customers, win new ones over, and enhance cloud operations in ways that no other vendor can offer,” said Cascadeo’s president and CTO. “The astounding value from this complimentary service offering is expected to increase customer loyalty, encourage net-new product adoption, and create business opportunities for us while freeing our customers from toil.”

By automating parts of the incident management process, the solution can help reduce operational costs associated with manual labor and human error. “Again, our intent is to free the engineers from endless operational toil and let them focus on future initiatives,” Reimer said. “This new capability takes Cascadeo to a new level of excellence and differentiated service.”

Generative AI Market

In late 2022, Microsoft-backed OpenAI launched its generative AI chatbot ChatGPT which took the world by storm.

This year, both AWS and Google are launching a slew of new generative AI products and services to compete against OpanAI’s GPT technology.

For example, AWS unveiled Amazon Bedrock, as a new service for building and scaling generative AI applications. Google recently launched Bard, a conversational AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT that can generate texts, images, answers and more when promoted by users.

For Cascadeo, the new generative AI market fits perfectly with its strategy of offering the best products and services for managing customers’ hybrid or multi-cloud IT environments.

“This is truly a win-win scenario: Cascadeo wins by becoming more efficient, consistent, and scalable, while our customers and the broader cloud community win by harnessing the immense power of LLMs and OpenAI GPT at zero cost,” said Reimer.