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Google CEO’s 8 Boldest AI Remarks On Cloud, Gemini And Security

Mark Haranas

Here are Sundar Pichai’s biggest AI statements on Google Cloud sales, project Gemini AI, Mandiant, Vertex AI growth and more during Google’s third-quarter 2023 earnings this week.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai made many bullish remarks during Google’s third-quarter 2023 earnings call on AI momentum around Vertex AI customer growth, injecting generative AI into its cybersecurity products, Google’s upcoming Gemini AI model and Google Cloud momentum.

“Customers are choosing Google Cloud because we are the only large cloud provider with a unified platform to analyze structured and unstructured data,” said Pichai during Google’s third-quarter 2023 earnings report with analysts this week.

In 2023, Pichai said Google is driving significant efficiencies, “both in our models, in training costs and serving costs” and the company’s ability to create successful AI use cases for customers.

“We’ll do everything that is needed to make sure we have the leading AI models and infrastructure in the world—bar none,” said Google’s CEO. “And we will continue driving efficiencies from there.”

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Google Cloud Third-Quarter 2023 Earnings Results

For Google’s third-quarter 2023, the Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant generated $76.7 billion in sales, up 11 percent year over year.

The company’s cloud business, Google Cloud, generated $8.41 billion in total revenue, representing an increase of 22 percent compared with $6.87 billion in third-quarter 2022.

For the third quarter in a row, Google Cloud reported positive operating income. The company’s operating income was $266 million, up from a loss of $440 million year over year. This means Google Cloud improved its operating income by over $700 million.

“We continue to invest aggressively [in Google Cloud] given the significant potential we see while remaining focused on profitable growth,” said Ruth Porat, Google’s president, chief investment officer and CFO, during the earnings call. “In terms of expenses and profitability, we’re pleased with our operating performance. As we have repeatedly stressed, we remain focused on durably re-engineering our cost base to create investment capacity to support our growth priorities, most important of which is with AI.”

CRN breaks down the eight boldest AI remarks from Pichai on Google’s next-generation Gemini AI large language model (LLM) model, injecting GenAI into Mandiant Threat Intelligence and other security products, Vertex AI, Duet AI and more.

Mark Haranas

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