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HPE CEO Antonio Neri On GreenLake’s Lowest Cost-Per-Workload Advantage And Why It Is ‘Better Than Public Cloud’

Steven Burke

HPE CEO Antonio Neri Wednesday argued that the GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform with its lowest-cost-per-workload advantage and pay-per-use metering capability is “even better than public cloud.”

Lowest Cost Per Workload With A Unified Cloud Experience

HPE’s GreenLake pay-per-use platform is providing the “lowest cost per workload” with “proven cost advantages” in the most demanding application scenarios, said Neri.

“That is especially true when an application requires significant data egress and ingress which is the majority of the cost—not the cost of compute—or in cases where workloads are largely predictable, which means you don’t have to scale up or down all the time or if data protection services are needed,” said Neri.

The hybrid multicloud adoption for the most demanding workloads is accelerating across many industry verticals, said Neri.

“While the world is already hybrid—there is no discussion about that—and is getting more so, we know the cloud experience restricts those organizations from achieving the cloud experience they need,” he said. “And what is the result? The result is a fragmented operating model with data silos and disconnected data sets.”

Customers are looking for a way to “unify” the multi-generational IT strategy and journey with a “consistent cloud experience across all their applications and data,” said Neri. “These are exactly the challenges HPE’s edge-to-cloud strategy is designed to solve.”

HPE GreenLake provides a foundation for customers to drive the data-first digital transformation aimed at simplifying and modernizing infrastructure with “one unified hybrid cloud services experience,” said Neri. “It empowers customers to access, analyze and extract value from their data across the public cloud, data centers—wherever they are—more and more in colocation [facilities,] and, as we think about the future, more and more at the edge.”


Steven Burke

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