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Antonio Neri: ‘The Entire Company Inside GreenLake’ Is HPE’s Future

Mark Haranas

‘For us, it’s not about just being to be able to consume as-a-service, it’s being able to run your entire business through HPE GreenLake,’ says HPE CEO Antonio Neri in an interview with CRN.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and CEO Antonio Neri said HPE GreenLake, the company’s nearly $8 billion as-a-service business, is the company’s future with big plans in store for 2023 and beyond.

“We are on a journey ourselves to make [HPE GreenLake] simple, to make it easy to deploy solutions and consume them. But in the end, make no mistake, it’s going to be the entire company inside GreenLake. Even the wonderful servers that we sell today,” said Antonio Neri during his keynote at XChange Best of Breed 2022.

“For us, it’s not about just being to be able to consume as-a-service, it’s being able to run your entire business through HPE GreenLake,” he said.

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HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is an edge-to-cloud as-a-service platform that allows customers to run cloud infrastructure services on-premises, at the edge and in the public cloud.

The offering combines visibility, security and ease of management into a pay-per-use model.

HPE channel partners are the tip of the spear when it comes to GreenLake. For its most recent third quarter, GreenLake orders through the channel were up 55 percent year over year—marking the 21st consecutive quarter of GreenLake growth.

“This year, we are growing [GreenLake] year to date [at] 86 percent. The number of partners that are transacting with GreenLake is now twice the number of partners compared to last year,” Neri said on stage in front of around 100 solution providers.

“I feel that we are making progress but as always, the future belongs to the fast. You have to go further faster,” he said.

In an interview at XChange Best of Breed 2022, Neri explains the vision for HPE GreenLake in 2023 as well as the opportunities in 5G and for channel partners.

“We know we have to grow with and through partners,” Neri said. “We only can be successful if we make our partners successful. And that has not changed, and it will not change.”

Here is what Neri had to say in his interview.


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