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HPE GreenLake For Private Cloud Packs New AWS Kubernetes Punch

Joseph F. Kovar, Steven Burke

HPE new version of GreenLake For Private Cloud Enterprise adds new muscle to the pay-per-use private cloud platform including integration with AWS’ Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Anywhere. Here are five things you need to know about HPE’s GreenLake for Private Cloud additions unveiled Wednesday at HPE Discover in Germany.

HPE Enables AWS EKS Anywhere To Work In VMware Environment

HPE has done the engineering work with AWS to enable the AWS EKS Anywhere functionality in a VMware environment in a seamless way, Thompson said.

“The Kubernetes bits are very well packaged from Amazon,” he said. “They have their own kind of Linux distributions that they use. We worked with them to help enable this to run in a VMware environment if you want it on virtual machines, or we work on bare metal. So there has been a fair amount of technical partnership to move this along. But it’s just a great example of meeting that customer need.”

The ability to integrate VMware with AWS EKS Anywhere comes just one month after HPE announced an expanded deal with VMware that brings the full VMware cloud foundation stack to HPE GreenLake.

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