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HPE Discover 2022: 5 Biggest News Announcements

Steven Burke

HPE is accelerating its GreenLake edge to cloud everything as a service sales offensive with a slew of announcements – including a breakthrough GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise service. Here are the five biggest announcements from HPE Discover 2022.

Private Cloud Breakthrough: HPE GreenLake For Private Cloud Enterprise

HPE’s GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise is a new standardized private cloud offering that is designed to be every bit as easy to deploy as public cloud.

In fact, HPE said, the private cloud enterprise service establishes a new bar for provisioning and deploying an on premise private cloud for enterprise customers with increased automation and scalability backed up with an enterprise grade service level agreement.

The new offering – which will become available in September- is a “breakthrough” in delivering private cloud in an easy to deploy point and click model with vast options in an ala carte menu from virtual machines to containers to bare metal, said Flynn Maloy, vice president of HPE GreenLake cloud services marketing.

“Private Cloud Enterprise brings a new level of solution to our customers,” said Maloy. “What private cloud enterprise does is move it forward in a way to give customers the full private cloud experience aggregated: VMs, containers or bare metal. You don’t have to worry about managing any of that.”

In fact, the new private cloud enterprise provides the same “hyperscalar like” manageability model as found on public clouds, said Maloy. “What we manage or the partner manages on behalf of the customer is exactly the same as the public cloud,” he said.

The new offering takes the HPE GreenLake Enterprise private cloud pay as you go experience to the “next level,” said Maloy.“It is a new level of flexibility and speed pre-integrated,” he said. “No one in the market is offering that today. We hear that from our customers who want private clouds…It’s a contained private cloud that is an easy button.”

That standardized private cloud capability is a “game changer” for partners who can now more rapidly provision and deploy a private cloud for customers, said Maloy.

“This is all your storage, compute, capacity and services layered on top of that, one place where you can manage all your services, point and click and add new services,” he said. “The industry has never had an enterprise platform like this that comes to you.”

The new offering makes GreenLake a drop down choice for customers looking for a private cloud experience in the enterprise or the edge, said Maloy.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise opens more private cloud opportunities for partners, said Maloy. Partners can manage the private cloud on behalf of cutomers and build on that private cloud with their own services and solutions.

Lall, for his part, said the new HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud establishes new performance and total cost of ownership. “From a a performance cost perspective we have optimized this entire stack,” he said.

A new Powered By GreenLake model is emerging with partners offering specialized solutions in areas like healthcare. “Now partners can offer a cloud like set of their healthcare solutions to customers, that is how this platform can really change the game for all our ISV partners, service provider partners, distributors and resellers,” said Maloy. “They can sell. They can manage and they can build on it. There is nobody out there in this space that is anywhere close to the maturity of what GreenLake can do.”

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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