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Microsoft Partner NB Technology Projects 23 Percent Growth Thanks To Cloud, Cybersecurity Push

Wade Tyler Millward

‘We’re doing more training in the Azure space to learn to be as proficient as we can with that,’ NB Technology CEO Moses Nueman Jr. tells CRN in an interview.

What’s in demand for NB Technology customers?

Cybersecurity. Everyone is looking for ways to stay secure with a lot of threats happening, a lot of bad actors. You have to have it. In technology, it’s close to having air.

Outside of having an internet connection, having good cybersecurity is like having air. … And then remote support. Remote access. A lot of work from home. Work from anywhere. COVID introduced that to a whole nother level. So, a lot of customers are requesting how their staff can work remotely. … Microsoft 365 is extremely essential for us. That’s our top No. 1.

That is becoming a big thing as Microsoft is now taking a big share of all that cloud space. And the stability of it. Customers are starting to see the advantage of using cloud technology for their business.

How was the adoption of Microsoft’s new commerce experience for NB?

I don’t think any MSP will say it was a great experience. But we survived it. Microsoft is that big elephant you just can’t move. You can try, but you just can’t move them. So pretty much what they say goes. Although they are trying their best.

We had to talk to our customers about the options to move to a yearly agreement or stay monthly and pay the premium.

It’s been a challenge. We’re still going through it with some customers but we manage it. … I’ll say a good 60 percent of our customers just went ahead with (the monthly premium).

Because our contracts are one-year, three-year agreements. We have some that are just on the Microsoft side, where they are still wanting to do the month-to-month outside of our management, and that’s OK with us too.

But for the most part, 60 percent of them were OK with no problem at all.

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Wade Tyler Millward

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