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Microsoft Partner NB Technology Projects 23 Percent Growth Thanks To Cloud, Cybersecurity Push

Wade Tyler Millward

‘We’re doing more training in the Azure space to learn to be as proficient as we can with that,’ NB Technology CEO Moses Nueman Jr. tells CRN in an interview.

Does NB have any industry or geographical specialties? 

We’re mostly in North Carolina, though we do have some clients that are outside of the States. When it comes to that, we primarily provide them cloud services such as virtual desktops and backup and disaster recovery services. … But on the local (side), we are primarily within the Charlotte metro (area) because we physically have to go to some clients’ sites.

Although that’s only about 10 percent of our time now. … We have five (full-time employees). And some are remote based.

Is NB growing?

We’ve been kicking the tires a bit about this and seeing what works and trying to understand where we should move into to still be relevant in the next few years.

I really started the business back in 1998 part time and went on full time in 2007. We’ve had to adapt as much as we can with the technologies now to survive. There were a lot of IT companies that started out and just went out of business.

So we’ve worked hard to learn different technology, new emerging technology to still be relevant. And thank God we’re still here. And in doing so, we’re now looking at the next five years, where do we see the growth is going to be?

There’s a lot of cybersecurity offerings and a lot of IT companies are claiming they do cybersecurity. A lot of companies say, ‘Oh, we can do this and make this work.’ And some are better than others.

But now we are looking at becoming more specialized with cloud and as it relates to AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) itself.

(So, during the) fourth quarter 2022, we’re doing more training in the Azure space to learn to be as proficient as we can with that. And bringing more engineers onboard to help.

That’s going to help us market out to outside of the state more so we can pretty much get customers anywhere in the United States.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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