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Microsoft Partner NB Technology Projects 23 Percent Growth Thanks To Cloud, Cybersecurity Push

Wade Tyler Millward

‘We’re doing more training in the Azure space to learn to be as proficient as we can with that,’ NB Technology CEO Moses Nueman Jr. tells CRN in an interview.

Are customers more open to spending on cybersecurity? 

Yes, it’s getting easier because the push is coming down from insurance (companies). They’re mandating that you have that. And if you don’t have those things in place, they’re basically telling you, ‘Hey, when something happens, we are not going to pay.’

And depending on what you check off and claim you have implemented, when the auditors come in and review it and say you’re not doing it, you’re not getting paid. Just point blank.

So yeah, it’s making things easier for us to implement as they come in, to get those insurance policies. … But there are still some customers that just don’t want any cybersecurity. It’s serious.

We had to let one customer go. … They are in health care, and they did not want to move to an advanced cybersecurity plan to protect the organization.

And to make matters worse, the EMR (electronic medical record) company that they were using … were actually breached … with ransomware. And they were locked up. And they could not do anything for almost three months.

When patients would come into the office, they had no idea who the patient was. They had no idea what time the patient was scheduled to come in, because remember, all their records are in the EMR system.

And an outside company was actually handling that part of the EMR system, which didn’t have anything to do with us.

So they didn’t have any records about them (patients). So they couldn’t tell what type of medication that this patient had. … For about three months or so. So that gave us an opportunity to go back to them and say, ‘Hey, you guys have seen what’s happened with your EMR company. And this has happened to a lot of businesses out there. We need to upgrade your network, your system and implement better security for you guys.’

And they declined it. So we said, ‘Sorry – we don’t want that liability.’ So we had to let them go.

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Wade Tyler Millward

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