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Oracle CloudWorld 2022: The Biggest Announcements

Wade Tyler Millward

Oracle Alloy, a beta for Oracle Database 23c and a beta for MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse were some of the biggest announcements.

A new Oracle platform for partners to build cloud services, a beta for the latest version of Oracle’s converged database and a beta for MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse were among the biggest announcements made this week at the vendor’s annual CloudWorld conference.

Held in person in Las Vegas and online, CloudWorld 2022 gave the Austin, Texas-based database services and cloud vendor a chance to promote its offerings in an ever-competitive cloud market.

Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison has been pointing to the popularity of multi-cloud offerings lately, telling listeners on the company’s latest quarterly earnings call in September that “multi-cloud interoperability is one of the reasons our infrastructure business is booming—growing over 50 percent in U.S. dollars and almost 60 percent in constant dollars.”

“We expect Oracle’s total cloud business to exceed a $20 billion annual run rate next year,” Ellison said.

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Ellison and Oracle haven’t grown any friendlier in a multi-cloud world, with the tech pioneer’s continued attacks on Amazon Web Services and database rival Snowflake during the earnings call.

“I personally have been talking to some of Amazon’s most famous brands that are running AWS,” he said. “And the AWS bill is getting very large. And they can save a huge amount of money by moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. And we expect next quarter we’ll be announcing some brands and companies moving off of Amazon to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that will shock you.”

Ellison has also said that Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave offering delivers better performance than Snowflake and Amazon Redshift and higher throughput than Amazon Aurora.

CRN has reached out to AWS and Snowflake for comment on Ellison’s statements.

Read on for more on what Oracle unveiled this week at CloudWorld 2022.

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