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The 10 Hottest DevOps Startups Of 2022 (So Far)

Wade Tyler Millward

CodeSee, LinearB and Mondoo are just some of the DevOps startups that have made CRN’s list.


CEO: Chris Lattner

Headquarters: Los Altos, Calif.


Modular was only founded this year, but an impressive $30 million funding round and the resumes of its co-founders make this startup a company to watch.

In June, Modular announced it raised a $30 million round of funding to invest toward an artificial intelligence (AI) developer platform that brings together popular AI framework frontends and enhances access and portability to various hardware backends and cloud environments.

An article from TechCrunch on the round said that Modular wants to do for machine learning operations (MLOps) what DevOps did for software.

GV (formerly Google Ventures), Greylock, Factory and SV Angel participated in the round, according to Modular.

The goal is developer workflow tooling that is more expressive, usable, debuggable, reliant, performant and scalable, according to Modular. The result should be quicker time to market for customers.

CEO Chris Lattner co-founded Modular in January with Chief Product Officer Tim Davis. Lattner founded the LLVM *infrastructure used for optimizing compilers, which got him an engineering job at Apple in 2005. He left Apple in 2017 with the title of senior director of the developer tools department, according to his LinkedIn account.

In that role, Lattner “led the developer tools department at Apple (~200 people) which was responsible for Swift, Xcode, Swift Playgrounds, Instruments, CPU and GPU compilers, low-level tools, and other miscellanea,” according to his LinkedIn account. “These tools are used pervasively both within Apple, but also by 3rd party developers targeting iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.”

Lattner worked at Google for more than two years, leaving in 2020. At Google, he “led the TensorFlow Infrastructure team, including compiler and runtime support for CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs (Tensor Processing Unit) accelerators,” according to his LinkedIn.

He also worked at SiFive for more than two years, leaving this year with the title of president of engineering and product, according to Lattner’s LinkedIn.

His co-founder, Davis, left a nearly six-year career at Google to start Modular. In his most recent role, Davis led “product for Google ML APIs (Tensorflow, JAX), Compilers (XLA & MLIR) and Runtime infrastructure for Server,” according to his LinkedIn. He also led “Google’s On-Device ML infrastructure and computing” and machine learning “execution on our CPU, GPU and TPU infrastructure (MLIR & XLA).”

Davis arrived at Google with the 2016 acquisition of Fluc, an online food ordering marketplace he founded three years earlier, according to his LinkedIn.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at

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