10 Cool Holiday Gadget Gift Ideas For Dads In 2022

A smart shaver, a smart lawn sprinkler and a smart massage gun are among the coolest holiday gadget gifts this season for dads .

A smart shaver, a smart lawn sprinkler and a smart massage gun are among the coolest holiday gadget gifts this season for dads new and old.

The Philips Norelco 7700, the Orbit B-hyve and the Therabody Theragun Prime are just some of the items CRN has included on its list of cool holiday gadget gifts for dads in 2022.

Other devices from Eufy, Google subsidiary Fitbit and iOttie are on the list, available from retailers including Amazon.com and Best Buy.

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What You Can Buy Dad For The Holidays

Appearance And Wellness



Gift guides CRN has published for the holidays this year include ones for men, stocking stuffers, grandparents, techies and pets.

Here are some of the gadgets for sale that might impress the dads in your life.

Philips Norelco 7700 Smart Shaver

Some dads look for hacks to improve every facet of their lives. So why not shaving?

Philips offers the Norelco Shaver 7700 rechargeable wet and dry electric shaver, which works with the manufacturer’s GroomTribe application for iOS and Android phones.

GroomTribe users can see what they’d look like with different beard styles in a real-time preview mode. They can get advice on what style suits them and get step-by-step instructions for 14 separate beard styles.

As for the shaver itself, it has 60 minutes of cordless shaving on a one-hour charge

Where: Amazon

How Much: $129.96

Therabody Theragun Prime Massager

Fatherhood is a stressful gig, so the dads in your life might appreciate a massage gun that delivers up to 30 pounds of force to the body.

The Therabody Theragun Prime has up to 120 minutes of use per battery charge and connects with a smartphone application for custom wellness routines based on activity data, according to an online description.

The gun is 3.6 x 10.7 x 10.7 inches, weighs about 4 pounds and has five speed settings.

Where: Best Buy

How Much: $198.99

Robo Twist Jar Opener

For fathers who struggle with the age-old dilemma of getting that jar of pickles open—no judgment here—take away some frustration and give him a cool gadget to brag about while you’re at it.

The Robo Twist Deluxe 7321 from Emson bills itself as able to take on the tightest and toughest jar lids around, according to an online description. Users put the device on the jar, press the button, and watch the lid automatically twist off.

The device has two twisting vice grips that can hold lids 1.2 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. The Robo Twist weighs about 1 pound and measures 9.5 x 8 x 3.13 inches.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $19.99

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer

Your dad may fancy himself golf’s next Tiger Woods when he’s more like the next Happy Gilmore. No matter his golfing heroes, if he’s a gadget fiend he may be interested in the golf swing analyzer by Blast Motion.

Users attach the sensor to the grip of any putter, metalwood, iron or wedge to track and analyze swings and strokes, according to an online description. Data from the sensor goes to a smartphone application that works with iOS and Android phones.

The analyzer can show swings in slow motion and help users improve timing, tempo and speed. Smart video capture helps users track metrics and performance over time.

The sensor measures 6.9 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches and weighs 0.1 kilogram.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $146.57

ThermoWorks Signals Smart Barbecue Thermometer

Some dads consider themselves grill masters, but this device could make them grill masters of the future.

The ThermoWorks Signals smart barbecue can track temperatures in food that is smoked, over-roasted, deep-fried, grilled and other methods of moderate-heat cooking, according to an online description.

Signals connects wirelessly with phones and tablets through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the device offers four channels, including high alarms, low alarms, minimum temperatures and maximum temperatures. The device has splash-proof molding and magnetic backing and can store cooking history in the cloud.

The package includes three Pro-Series high temperature cooking probes 47 inches in length, a Pro-Series high temperature air probe the same length and a grate clip. The package also comes with eight high temperature silicone color probe rungs.

The probes work in minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cable can withstand 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Batteries last about 16 hours.

The device measures 3.26 x 5.19 x 1.92 inches.

Where: ThermoWorks

How Much: $155.35

Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

Maybe your dad is already invested in proper fitness and getting a good night’s sleep—or maybe he should pay more attention to that sort of thing.

Either way, consider the Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch as a potential gift this season. The watch gives users real-time pace and distance for running, biking, hiking and other activities, according to an online description.

The Versa 3 has 20-plus exercise modes and six-plus days of battery. The watch gauges exercise efforts based on heart rate. It is water-resistant to 50 meters and connects with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa digital assistants and smart home devices for reminders, alarms and music.

Versa 3 by Fitbit—which Google bought last year—can track light and REM sleep as well.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $154

B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

Fathers obsessed with the state of their lawn might benefit from a smart sprinkler system that uses local weather data for the best watering performance.

The B-hyve smart sprinkler controller by Orbit Irrigation Products works with Android and iOS devices, according to an online description. The application has no subscription fees.

The device takes in slope, soil type, sun and shade conditions and other data to make watering as efficient as possible. Users can also manually override any settings if need be. And B-hyve works with Wi-Fi and offline based on stored programs.

The B-hyve takes two AAA batteries and measures 3.5 x 7 x 8.75 inches.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $68

iOttie Universal Phone Holder Car Mount

This device from iOttie has locking side arms that can hold smartphones and cases of any size, according to an online description. A magnetic cord organizer helps keep charging cables from becoming a tangled mess.

The device’s telescopic arm extends 5 to 8 inches and pivots 260 degrees. It weighs less than a half-pound and measures 6.5 x 4.2 x 4 inches.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $17.49

Aura Carver Digital Picture Frame

Physical, tangible photos—things of the past. Bring your dad the latest technology in remembering the good ol’ days. He just might impress his friends the next time they come over.

The Aura Carver Luxe frame aims to provide a private and secure way for sharing and displaying digital photos, according to an online description. Users add photos and videos to the frame through the free Aura cellphone application, which works on iOS and Android devices.

Invited friends and family members can share photos directly to a picture frame. And the frame has unlimited cloud storage with no subscription fees.

The frame has a full high-definition display, automatically crops photos and has other features. The frame weighs less than 2 pounds and measures 10.52 x 2.13 x 7.33 inches.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $159

Eufy SpaceView Pro Video Baby Monitor

For any new fathers you know, this 720p video baby monitor features a 5-inch screen and battery for 30 hours of monitoring, according to an online description.

The monitor has night vision and the camera has a 330-degree pan and 110-degree tilt, covering the corners of the room and floor to ceiling.

The monitor weighs 2.7 pounds and connects to Wi-Fi.

Where: Amazon

How Much: $139.99