8 Products With Big AI Pitches At CES 2024

CRN rounds up eight products with big AI pitches you can catch at CES 2024, ranging from an AI-powered baby stroller to technologies that can aid those with speech and hearing difficulties.

More than a year after ChatGPT sent shockwaves through the world, it’s probably not a surprise that CES 2024 will play host to an untold number of products with AI as a central pitch.

The organizer of CES, which runs from Tuesday to Friday in Las Vegas this week, has promised that AI and its potential to revolutionize the user experience will be a central topic on the show floor as well as in several keynotes and sessions.

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“AI will be front and center with applications that can improve health care, sustainability, productivity, accessibility and more,” the Consumer Technology Association said.

What follows are eight products with big AI pitches that you can expect to catch at CES 2024, ranging from an AI-powered baby stroller to technologies that can aid those with speech and hearing impediments.

CRN’s Dylan Martin contributed to this story.

Glüxkind Rosa: The Future Of Parenting

Also known as a “Fractional Nanny,” the Glüxkind Rosa, which is being introduced at CES 2024, is more than a stroller, according to Canada-based Glüxkind Technologies.

Think of the Glüxkind Rosa as an AI-powered companion designed to make parenting effortless and enjoyable with cutting-edge robotics and intelligent technology. The stroller features automatic braking and soothing white noise in a lightweight design.

The Rosa, a steady option made of premium materials, will be available for delivery beginning in July.

Axelera AI’s Metis AI platform

The Metis AI hardware and software platform is especially powerful for edge devices to accelerate computer vision, natural language processing and generative AI.

According to its maker, Axelera, the platform can help users minimize power and cost for edge AI solutions without compromising on performance.

The platform uses proprietary, in-memory compute technology and a RISC-V-based controlled dataflow, which allows it to offer high performance and usability at a fraction of the cost and power consumption compared with many platforms on the market today, making it a catch for any organization with an eye on sustainability, Netherlands-based Axelera said.


AIShield.GuArdIan acts as a "guardrail" to ensure safe and responsible adoption of generative AI for enterprises, according to its creator, Bosch Global Software Technologies.

The offering addresses risks by acting as a secure bridge, analyzing input/output, enforcing role-based policies, and safeguarding against legal, policy and usage violations. It provides vital protection for the human experience with GAI systems, enhancing security and compliance, the company said.

The offering will come in handy in 2024, as six in 10 organizations plan to use ChatGPT for learning purposes and more than four out of 10 companies are looking to make a large investment in AI, according to the Germany-based company.

Ryzen 7040U Series

An honoree in the CES 2024 Innovation Awards, AMD’s Ryzen 7040U Series Mobile processors are ultrathin mobile processors that include an RDNA 3-based Radeon 780M iGPU. These mobile processors were the first to bring an AI engine to an x86 architecture, according to Santa Clara, Calif.-based AMD.

AMD in 2023 unveiled its Ryzen 7040U series of CPUs designed for thin and light notebooks. Later the same year, the company introduced an additional two Ryzen Mobile 7040U series processors that used the company’s smaller and highly optimized Zen 4c cores.


The next evolution of indoor plant growing may be here with MineFarm.

MineFarm, from South Korea-based GSF System, offers data-based indoor plant growers that leverage AI for improved water and electricity use. The MineFarm mobile application allows for plant data monitoring.

The MineFarm smart pot automatically changes light height as plants grow, according to the company. Users have options on the MineFarm website for devices that fit two plant pots or eight.

Current Anima

AI enthusiasts looking to convert text into video can look to HechicerIA’s Current Anima as an option.

This technology from the Spain-based startup promises to save time and costs on movies, TV series and video games, according to HechierIA. Users can leverage Current Anima for ads, social media promotions, video tutorials and character renders, among other use cases.

The software is Windows- and MacOS-compatible and works with the Unreal 3-D graphics engine.

Starkey Genesis AI

Starkey Laboratories is the company behind Genesis AI, hearing aid technology that includes an on-board deep neural network accelerator engine.

Genesis AI promises wearers the ability to hear soft sounds without noise, more natural distinguishing of words and speech and less work listening, according to the Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company.

Wearers can leverage Genesis AI’s Edge Mode+ for continued scanning, adapting and optimizing as acoustic environments change, according to Starkey. The device’s receiver-in-canal hearing aid lasts up to 51 hours and is waterproof.

The My Starkey application offers fall detection alerts, hearing aid adjustment controls, lost aids finder, call streaming, step counting and other features, according to the company.


Whispp offers assistive technology for people with severe stutters, throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis and other factors that affect natural speaking voices.

The application’s AI technology is language-independent and converts whispered speech and affected speech into a clear, natural voice, according to the Netherlands-based startup. Whisper can even take users’ own recording and sound like the user’s voice when not affected.

The app works on the iOS and Android operating systems. Call recipients do not have to download the app to hear the Whispp voice.