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WATCH: IBM Shows Off Latest Innovation Around Quantum Computing

IBM’s Q System One is the first fully integrated quantum computer designed for commercial use. In an interview with CRNtv, Bob Sutor, vice president at IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, explained the unique factors that make its latest quantum computer different from the rest.

“Frankly, if you go out and you look at a lot of the quantum computing installations that people have, they look like science experiments,” said Sutor. “When you are standing up quantum computers in a data center or a computational center, you have other concerns. Here we have more tightly integrated the refrigeration with the electronics, temperature control in the entire environment to produce the most stable, manageable and upgradeable machine that we can.”

IBM displayed a model of the device at CES 2019. The design of IBM Q System One includes a nine-foot-tall, nine-foot-wide case of half-inch-thick borosilicate glass forming a sealed, airtight enclosure. Inside, the support systems are completely isolated from each other to protect the chip from electromagnetic noise and temperature fluctuations. Cryogenic engineering delivers a continuous cold and isolated quantum environment, while the quantum hardware is designed to be stable and auto-calibrated to give repeatable high-quality qubits. Plus, the computer includes classical computation to provide secure cloud access and hybrid execution of quantum algorithms.

For more of Sutor’s interview, watch the video included in this article.

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