Kaseya Unveils Public Cloud Management Tool To Automate Tasks, Save MSPs Money

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Unigma's cloud manager enables MSPs to monitor instances of AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other popular public clouds. MSPs can easily correlate events with performance metrics, while the dashboard provides enhanced visibility of performance metrics across multiple clouds, customers and services.

The cloud manager also allows users to automate routine public cloud tasks and schedule maintenance in advance without having to log into different cloud control panels. Users can also create branded and internal reports in seconds, according to Kaseya.

The cloud billing manager, meanwhile, will allow MSPs to more accurately bill for their services by delivering detailed customer usage reports that provide greater visibility and invoice capabilities around individual utilization.

The cloud cost optimizer provides detailed cost insights alongside customized cloud cost savings analysis so that MSPs can easily visualize cloud spending and get cost-saving recommendations for unused and oversized instances, the company said. 

Compufit said it would be interested in an offering like Unigma since it does a ton of work around Amazon Web Services, according to partner Dan Lansen.

The White Plains, N.Y.-based MSP transitioned from Kaseya to ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) a few years ago, Lansen said, and hopes their current remote monitoring and management provider comes out with a similar offering.

"Kaseya is clearly recognizing the MSP shift to the public cloud and expanding their platform to capitalize on this transition," Lansen told CRN. "If they [ConnectWise Automate] are able to integrate tools like Unigma into their platform that will help us mange, automate and optimize our clients' public cloud-based infrastructure, this will be very appealing." 

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