CRN Exclusive: Kaseya Unveils Sales, Marketing Bundle Around Security, Network Monitoring Tools

Kaseya has introduced a custom-designed bundle to provide MSPs with positioning, sales training, pricing, packaging and lead-generation support around its security and network monitoring tools.

The New York-based remote management and monitoring company said its new Powered Services will boost profits and recurring revenue for its MSP customers, according to Jim Lippie, general manager of cloud computing. Prior to this launch, Lippie said Kaseya didn't have a systematic way of providing streamlined education and training around its end-user security and network monitoring services.

"It was ad-hoc and on-demand," Lippie told CRN. "We were being reactive to their requests."

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From a positioning standpoint, Lippie said Kaseya has built out a module to help MSPs understand who their competitors are in the space and how to sell against them, with a particular focus on the strengths and weaknesses competing products bring to the table as well as their price points. This should put solution providers in the best possible position when it comes to selling Kaseya's offering, Lippie said.

"MSPs need to understand who they're competing against," Lippie said. "Understanding the market as a whole is very important."

AuthAnvil's Security-as-a-Service tool enables MSPs to address a fairly new market, Lippie said. Just 25 percent of North American channel partners today carrying a product that delivers two-factor authentication and single sign-on, both of which are provided by AuthAnvil.

As far as prospecting is concerned, Kaseya hopes to help MSPs identify which of their end users would be the best fits for the security and network monitoring tools, then provide channel partners with a roadmap on how to bring those new capabilities to them.

Lead generation is the key to being successful in any endeavor, Lippie said, so Kaseya intends to give MSPs the capabilities needed to be successful from a marketing standpoint.

The marketing tools include everything from collateral to private-labeled, generic recorded webinars that can be posted online without modifications, to PowerPoint presentations with written-out speaker notes that MSPs can use to deliver their own webinars, Lippie said.

And from a sales perspective, Lippie said Kaseya has provided MSPs with a proscriptive action plan that takes channel partners step by step through what they should be doing to convert leads into closed business.

"It was months and months of dedicated work to do the research, get the feedback, and leverage the existing knowledge within our organization," Lippie said.

MSPs leveraging Powered Services in beta mode have, on average, added $28,000 of incremental recurring revenue and $20,000 of incremental profit, Lippie said, with some channel partners adding as much as $130,000 of annual recurring revenue and $110,000 of incremental profit.

"The feedback has been excellent," Lippie said. "It is a fantastic return for the $3,200 they're spending on the initial package."

Ease Technologies leveraged Kaseya's Powered Services bundle to help launch a new Security-as-a-Service practice, according to Vice President Jason Shirdon. This enabled the Columbia, Md.-based MSP to immediately create a healthy, new revenue stream, Shirdon said.

"Kaseya Powered Services has taken on all the hard work of selling a new service by providing us with all the resources we needed to be successful," Shirdon said in a statement. "After using AuthAnvil ourselves in-house, it was clear that we had a great opportunity to leverage this product to help our customers address their security needs and simultaneously grow our business."