Acronis MSPs Scoring Big In Sports Market

Acronis’ #TeamUp program is helping MSPs tackle new opportunities in the professional sports market.

Sports is a growing market for Acronis as the cyber company has become a go-to-choice for a number of teams worldwide. The success is attributed to the company’s #TeamUp program that unites Acronis’ MSPs with the team.

“It’s a really interesting story and it’s a lot of fun,” said Acronis’ Ryan Davis, director of sales, at #CyberFit Summit 2021 in Miami. “So, we started in 2014, I believe with the Formula One team. It was our first experience. We learned a lot and we did that direct right at the time. Our go-to-market was through kind of the classic channel, where we wanted to generate a lot of interest in awareness of the customer base for our services.”

“Over time, our go-to-market has shifted and has gone more towards emphasizing our managed service provider channel,” he continued. “We recognized we needed a way to weave their branding, their brand into our investments. Because as an MSP, they’re not typically leading with specific vendor services, they’re solving problems. And so, Acronis driving awareness for our services at an individual market doesn’t really help our strategic partners in that area grow their bids. And so, that’s how we kind of pivoted and invented the #TeamUp program, which allows us to co-brand marketing assets with our sports partners.”

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William Edwards of Fusion Digital is among the MSPs benefitting from this program.

“It’s been such a great ride. I mean, the [Buffalo] Bill [football team is] doing great this season, so we’ve been a part of that. Working with them so closely and their IT departments and everything like that has been great for us. And, this program really helped us bridge that gap that we couldn’t reach on our own,” said Edwards, vice president of corporate sale and vendor relationships at Fusion Digital. “They can use what they need. Acronis handles all their issues from a security and backup perspective that they need. They can turn things on, turn things off and really scale to what their needs are.”

The best part? The recurring revenue, Edwards said.

“That‘s the great thing, especially from us being an MSP. We get that monthly recurring revenue. It’s revenue that our company is getting every month, which is really a godsend, especially in today’s market where supply chain issues are so bad.”

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