Kaseya: IT Complete MSP Platform Recoups ‘Wasted Money’

“What we’re really trying to do is solve for all that space in between. All that time a technician is wasting on retrieving passwords, looking up documentation, that is the focus of IT Complete. Retrieving that wasted money for an MSP,” said Matt Solomon, vice president of business development with Kaseya.

MSPs said the industry has been calling out for exactly the product that Kaseya has assembled with IT Complete, a full suite of all the tools a solution provider needs to run a managed services business.

“I think Kaseya is definitely a front-runner here in terms of how they’re looking at it. I think you’re going to see others trend the same way,” said Jack Skinner, president of Oversee My IT out of Dallas, who uses three of the company’s products currently. “It is something that MSPs have struggled with for a long time. All the different tool sets, the silos, the segmentation. We’re on a PSA [Professional Services Automation] tool that was sold to us based on the idea that it was going to get us away from the silos, but then you get into it and you realize you still have to bolt on 15 other products that don’t talk to each other, don’t have the integrations they need, don’t have the information sharing, the automation between them, so that’s a real challenge.”

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Matt Solomon, vice president of business development with Kaseya, said IT Complete gives MSPs a comprehensive set of revenue-generating solutions for IT providers. Over the last 18 months Kaseya has been on an acquisition binge snatching up IT Glue, ID Agent and RapidFire Tools, among others. He said it has all lead to delivering IT Complete.

“It’s the only purpose built, end-to-end management platform for MSPs,” he said. “What we’re really trying to do is solve for all that space in between. All that time a technician is wasting on retrieving passwords, looking up documentation, that is the focus of IT Complete: retrieving that wasted money for an MSP.”

He said in some cases MSPs use 20 vendors to handle the variety of problems their technicians may encounter on any given day, forcing the workers to spend time accessing those applications which don’t always work well together. This causes a slowdown to productivity as workers shift functions, retrieve passwords, orient between user interfaces and look up information.

Just in terms of back up and disaster recovery, Solomon said Kaseya has Unitrends MSP and Spanning Cloud Apps, which it can combine into a single package with IT Complete.

“We can do on-premises back up. We can do cloud back up. We can do Office 365 back up and its really all under one umbrella,” he said. “So we call it The Back Up To Rule Them All, if there are any Lord of the Rings fans out there … on average we can come in at 25 percent below market. On the Unitrends MSP side, on a 36-month contract, there’s no up-front hardware cost. So that’s a huge opportunity for MSPs.”

He said IT Complete is also offering a SaaS and Cloud Management suite, as well as a full security stack that leverages ID Agent for Dark Web monitoring, BullFish ID for phishing simulations, security awareness training and AuthAnvil.

“If you are familiar with AuthAnvil, many people associate it with just a two-factor product,” Solomon said. “Its actually a 2FA, password management, and single sign on product. ... We’re creating a security environment that is user security, endpoint security and infrastructure security.”

Leonardo Soto, founder and president of SotoNets Cloud Solutions, an MSP in Alberta, Canada, said some of his employees are at this moment evaluating RapidFire Tools, and he was not aware that it was part of Kaseya’s line up. However, he sees a big upside to having all the tools under one brand.

“I’m going to take a closer look at the whole suite to see what they have. I was quite impressed,” he said. “If they can deliver on what they said in the presentation the advantage would be to workflow. It’s having everything under one umbrella. It would make things a lot easier for the techs whenever they go into a customer, either on-site or remotely. To have everything at hand, very quickly all the information they need, the turnaround would be a lot faster.”