DTEN Seeks Microsoft Teams Videoconferencing Certification To Tackle Hybrid Work Needs

The partnership and certification plans will further DTEN’s mission to “democratize” technology and expand its touch-enabled video products to more end users, according to the company.


Videoconferencing equipment maker DTEN is launching a long-awaited partnership with Microsoft Teams. Several of the company’s products will be certified to work with the popular Teams collaboration platform, the company revealed on Wednesday.

The new partnership will help DTEN on its mission to “democratize” technology, making its touch-enabled solutions more flexible and accessible to more end users, Nia Celestin, DTEN’s vice president of global marketing, said during an exclusive press briefing on the news.

DTEN CEO Wei Liu called the news “one of the most important announcements in DTEN history.”

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The San Jose, Calif.-based provider said that this partnership will extend the reach of its portfolio and reach a large chunk of videoconferencing customers in the market that are seeking out high-quality, immersive video products, especially in light of recent trends such as hybrid work.

DTEN has an existing, similar partnership with Zoom Video Communications, which the company called “unmatched.”

“[The partnership] empowers DTEN to meet that flexibility ask that’s really coming from our customers,” said Scott Krueckeberg, head of strategic alliances for DTEN. “The hybrid work/hybrid learning challenge includes multiple platforms, securing the Team’s ecosystem and the Zoom Room ecosystem really allows us to be that single vendor for the hardware devices, the support, and device management, which, all three of those are becoming more and more important as large companies and large educational institutions really start to plan their hybrid strategy and how they’re going to deploy hardware to meet those needs.”

Krueckeberg said DTEN is excited to engage with the more than 270 million Microsoft Teams users and for the company’s portfolio to become more compelling to these customers. One way DTEN plans to target Teams users is via the channel, he said.

The Teams partnership opens the door for reseller partners that might be exclusive to Teams or heavily invested in the Teams ecosystem to access DTEN’s product, he said. “We will definitely be engaging distribution and our channel partners and resellers and giving them the opportunity to have access to Teams.”

Krueckeberg said that DTEN already has a strong base of reseller partners tied to the Zoom opportunity.

“Our customers are demanding the flexibility to choose the platform that they want. A lot of customers have both Teams and other platform environments in their organizations, and this will allow DTEN to be that single vendor,” Celestin said.

DTEN’s portfolio includes video solutions for the desktop, the large conference room, and everything in between, she added. “Our solutions are made to be simple to deploy, use and manage via our Orbit [video management] service. We believe we deliver the ultimate touch experience on our 4k Touch displays that come in 27, 55 and 75 inches. We have an … all in one design and really, it’s about delivering that the best-in-class user experiences.”

The company also revealed that later in October and into November, it will be updating its DTEN D7 line of interactive video technology with Android and Windows interoperability. DTEN is currently pursuing Microsoft Teams certification for the upcoming D7X 55 All-in-One Android device for Teams Rooms on Android. The company said it will seek Teams Rooms certification for Windows certification for Teams Rooms on Windows, as well as for Teams display devices.

DTEN generates more than 80 percent of its sales from channel partners.