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WATCH: Cisco’s Susie Wee Says DevNet Is Paying Off For Partners

DevNet Vice President and CTO Susie Wee says Cisco research finds that partners with DevNet members on staff are seeing higher sales and a larger product mix. The program helps developers and IT professionals who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms and APIs.

Cisco studied its entire partner base and found that partners using DevNet are growing 10 percent faster than partners who don’t. The findings come as DevNet sees huge growth, reaching over 500,000 users since its inception in 2014.

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“I think in many cases DevNet is what introduced them to software and gave them a path to get into it,” said Wee, discussing the findings at the Cisco Partner Summit. “Some of our partners are actually using DevNet to train their workforces because they know they need to retrain their workforce to embrace this new world. They’ve created strategies because they do want to get into software and programmable infrastructure and understand it and they don’t need to create their own training materials. They are actually using DevNet training materials and then applying it across their workforce and asking them to do it.”

One of the latest DevNet offerings is around SD-WAN programmability for digital and cloud transformation. Wee said DevNet has turned from a learning opportunity to a way for partners to sell customized infrastructure.

“We have more beginners coming in, but the people coming in are getting very advanced. What we’re also seeing now is the business connection. It’s not just learning for the sake of learning, but it’s actually learning to differentiate and create new business opportunities.”

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Watch CRNtv’s video to learn more about DevNet and the new offerings.

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