The 2024 Inclusive Channel Leaders Awards

CRN recognizes over 100 individuals across the channel who are dedicated to building an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

In its second annual Inclusive Channel Leaders list, CRN shines a spotlight on those executives who lead by example and are driving diversity, equity and inclusion across their organization.

These leaders understand that recognizing individual identities is paramount to creating a sense of belonging for all employees. Among other initiatives, they have launched inclusive recruitment and training programs, built diverse hiring practices and championed inclusion-focused employee resource groups.

Here are this year’s honorees, all of whom are making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

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Kaitki Agarwal

Founder, President

A5G Networks

Agarwal spends time mentoring women and girls in technology through various forums. As president of A5G Networks, she ensures that prejudices and biases are put aside and there is a way to understand, listen to everyone’s voice and act if there is an issue.

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Marci Allen

Director, Global Channels


Allen launched Dizzion’s Global DEI&B webinar for International Women’s Day, marking a pioneering step in the company’s journey. She is committed to advancing mentorship and inclusivity within the organization, ensuring every member of its diverse workforce feels heard and valued.

Michelle Ambrose

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

SADA, An Insight company

Ambrose fosters inclusive leadership across SADA, aiming to bring out the best in people and be a catalyst for excellence among teams. She also emphasizes peer mentorship, especially with women across SADA, and gravitates toward working with teams in a way that allows them to share their experiences.

Jackie Anderson

Sr. Director, U.S. Partner Sales

Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson

Anderson introduced cultural sharing sessions in her monthly team meetings, fostering inclusivity and understanding. She also mentored a female colleague, empowering her to overcome workplace challenges and enhancing her leadership skills.

Jim Anderson

VP, North America Partner Ecosystems, Channels

Google Cloud

Anderson creates a sense of belonging among his team, establishing an environment where everyone can maximize their potential. He recently participated in a fireside chat sharing his journey as the first Black vice president of sales at Google Cloud.

Tony Anderson

Sr. Director, Americas Distribution, Public Sector Channel

Palo Alto Networks

Anderson has built one of the most diverse teams at Palo Alto Networks, recognizing that it is key to ensuring positive business outcomes. He’s also the executive sponsor for the company’s Public Sector Partner Diversity initiative.

Sandra Antoun

Director, Sales, Marketing

Vintage IT Services

Antoun spearheaded initiatives to diversify her team, facilitating inclusive recruitment and training programs. She fosters a collaborative culture, seeking diverse perspectives in decision-making, and ensures people’s voices are heard and their potential maximized.

Sam Barron

Global Sales Director


Barron has embedded inclusivity into every facet of CallTower. One key initiative he has championed is inclusive communication, which involves advocating for open dialogue, fostering the sharing of diverse perspectives and ensuring that every voice within CallTower is heard and valued.

Karen Bascomb

Sales Operations Manager, Associate Partner

Keep IT Simple

Bascomb implemented diversity training across Keep IT Simple, instituted mentoring and coaching programs and revised performance evaluations for fairness. These efforts enriched the company’s culture and fostered belonging within the sales team.

Joseph Bellian

Sr. Director, Microsoft Alliances

Core BTS

Bellian has embraced inclusive leadership by fostering respect and value among team members. Encouraging open dialogue and leading by example, he prioritizes truth, trust and diverse perspectives in decision-making.

Kelsey Besser

Director, Sales

Arctic Wolf

Besser has mentored emerging women leaders, pushed for more equitable hiring practices and highlighted the achievements and potential of her women colleagues. She ensures that she stays open to input and that there is equality and diversity across every facet of Arctic Wolf.

Kiran Bhujle

Managing Director

SVAM International

Over the past year, Bhujle has fostered belonging and equity through diversity training, a mentorship program for under-represented employees and advocacy for inclusive policies. He has also facilitated open discussions to create safe spaces and cultivate empowerment, ensuring that all can thrive.

Michelle Biase

GM, D&H Canada

D&H Distributing

Biase makes sure her teams are engaged, bringing all their talents and passion to their work. She has built a culture of inclusion and belonging, while creating spaces where individuals thrive and opportunities are accessible to everyone who is looking to grow and develop their skills.

Natalie Billingham

SVP, Sales, EMEA

Akamai Technologies

Billingham spearheaded two vital inclusivity initiatives: Akamai FLAME (Female Learning And Mentoring Experience), which fosters executive sponsorship and knowledge sharing, and AccelHERate EMEA, which empowers women with development opportunities and mentoring.

Laura Blackmer

President, Dealer Sales

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.

Blackmer has emphasized building a diverse employee organization where everyone feels welcome and heard. She has benefited from working for leaders who also believe in an inclusive culture and allowed her to grow and thrive in her career.

Anthony Bouvia

Director, Americas OEM, Embedded Solutions

Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson

Bouvia has built a workplace culture where every individual feels valued and respected. By fostering a deep sense of belonging, he cultivates an environment where employees feel safe to express themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination.

Bill Brandel

SVP, U.S. Channel Go To Market

Ingram Micro

Brandel works to set a positive example and give others the room to learn, engage and grow together. He is always looking for ways to better educate himself and share what he has learned with the team, especially when it comes to inclusivity and belonging.

Casandra Brice

VP, Global Customer Success


Brice is motivated when she sees employees recognized for the work they’ve done who may have been overlooked in the past. She was nominated to N-able’s first Women in Leadership Summit and has worked to ensure that everyone is using this forum as a way to fuel success for all.

Brittany Caito

Sr. National Partner Manager


As a woman in tech leadership, Caito focuses on inclusivity and makes sure it is well represented across Nextiva. She helps ensure that inclusive leadership means giving everyone a fair and equal chance at succeeding and that all should remember to turn backward and help the next person up.

Marie Carlton

Worldwide Partner Core Tech Leader

Amazon Web Services

Carlton developed and led an initiative to hire and develop early career and career transition candidates from diverse backgrounds. Its success led to significant year-over-year investments to support and grow this talent pipeline, which continues to this day.

Sandy Carter


Unstoppable Domains

Carter over the past year founded the Unstoppable Women of Web 3 initiative and through that led the company’s efforts to provide Web3 and AI education for 6 million women in Africa over the next five years and over 5 million Latinas by 2030.

Rob Cato

VP, North America Channel


Cato works to ensure that his team feels comfortable collaborating, which helps them make decisions that best reflect the needs of customers and partners. He also serves as the co-chair of the Allyship initiative as part of the Women in Lenovo Leadership resource group.

Oscar Chavez-Arrieta

EVP, Latin America


Chavez-Arrieta has created a culture of transparency, respect and inclusion and instituted diverse hiring practices, leading to over 50 percent of his team now being comprised of women. He also has spearheaded SonicWall’s mentorship and development programs.

Tanaz Choudhury


Tanches Global Management

Choudhury has created and fostered an environment of inclusivity through meaningful conversations and follow-up actions. Her initiative extends beyond Tanches Global Management, as she is actively involved with nonprofit organizations and large technology companies.

Chris Clinton

Chief Partner Officer


Clinton reorganized a global team and ensured it was done inclusively, with various parts now managed by men and women of different backgrounds and experience. Building a combined team of many different views and voices is key to the company’s success.

Ozlem Coday

GM, Client Channel, Ecosystem, Graphics Category


Coday leads through bringing out the best in people and creating an environment where they are encouraged and feel safe to contribute, believing that if you are not intentionally including someone, you are accidentally excluding them.

Stacy Conrad

SVP, Channel Sales


Conrad has built a team that represents her partner community, where no one is afraid to raise their hand or offer an idea. She has frequent skip-level one-on-one meetings, provides individual mentorship and coaching of TPx teams, and hires diverse employees.

Stacie Corcoran

Sr. Director, Global Channels


Corcoran focused on hiring and mentorship and has encouraged her teams to participate in Forcepoint’s ERGs. She also drove and supported accommodation technology initiatives for undiagnosed neurodivergent team members to reduce burnout and stay productive.

Tyler Coughlan

Country Chief Executive, Ingram Micro Canada

Ingram Micro

Coughlan works to be fair and respectful, encourage collaboration, and value different ideas and opinions. With inclusive leadership unlocking the full potential of Ingram Micro’s workforce, he learns from every one of his associates each day.

Matthew Courchesne

Head Of Channel


Courchesne has ensured that candidates from all walks of life and background get an opportunity to apply to his team. He also has put programs in place to ensure the company’s engagement and enablement processes focus on DEI.

JuliAn Coy

Business Applications Principal


Coy is motivated when eveyone brings their individual talents together to strengthen teams and enhance the insight the company provides to its customers. She has been moved by many experiences and knows what it means to lift each other up.

Larissa Crandall

VP, Global Channel, Alliances

Veeam Software

Crandall is active in the Elevate Program, which focuses on mentorship from executive leadership to rising star leaders. She also is the executive leader for “EmpowerHER,” an initiative that provides free technical certifications for Veeam customers and partners to further their education and career skills.

Pamela Diaz

President, CEO


Diaz has created internal growth opportunities, elevating 26 employees to new management and technical roles. She also has instituted DEI accountability, formally defining what DEI means to Entara and creating that accountability via publicly sharing the statement.

Arman Eghbali

Founder, CEO


Eghbali has focused on amplifying diverse voices within ITMCX and the broader IT channel. He initiated a mentorship program within the industry, facilitating knowledge sharing and professional growth, and led the development of inclusive recruitment to broaden the talent pool.

Christine Fierro

Sr. Director, Edge, Core Solutions, Global Solutions, Architecture

World Wide Technology

Fierro led the workforce component of LEAD, WWT’s women’s ERG. She also co-led the Women in Global Solutions & Architecture Group, authored an allyship blog and educated the team on diversity- and inclusion-related topics.

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Sommer Figone

Sr. Manager, Marketing

RapidScale, a Cox Business Company

Figone fosters an environment where the individuals around her feel welcomed, valued and listened to. She ensures that she sets an example for everyone around her and participates in ERGs and a women-focused mentorship program.

Tara Fine

VP, Americas Partner, Commercial Sales


Fine prioritized supporting VMware DEI initiatives and sponsorships by integrating them into Broadcom’s culture, encouraging engagement throughout all levels of her organization. Driving a culture of acceptance and inclusion is one of her greatest passions.

Cecilia Flombaum

Sr. Director, Scale Growth


As Microsoft strives to create an environment that brings the power of diversity to life, Flombaum believes that all leaders have an opportunity—and an obligation—to foster collective movement toward greater inclusion within and beyond Microsoft through its actions and partnerships.

Derick Fluker

VP, Americas Logistics

TD Synnex

Fluker is the executive champion of the Beacon Resource Group, TD Synnex’s business resource group focused on providing Black teammates with a platform for achieving professional goals and overcoming challenges. He also provided feedback to C-level executives to identify how to embrace DEI.

Kristy Friedrichs

SVP, Chief Partnerships Officer, Worldwide Sales Functions, Ecosystems

Palo Alto Networks

Friedrichs is invested in ensuring diversity in recruiting, which has led to her ability to build diverse workforces. She ensures those she works with feel psychologically safe, enabling her to hear different ideas from different perspectives.

Hilary Gadda

Head Of National Partner Management

Coro Cybersecurity

Gadda’s key to success lies in bringing together a diverse group of people with different and unique backgrounds and leading each person to success individually and as a team. She has mentored and also had a reversement mentor to help her fill technology gaps.

Jen Gallego

EVP, Global Sales


When interviewing a candidate for a position at Avant, Gallego strives to prioritize their merit and capabilities in the form of work ethic, emotional intelligence, the ability to work with others, skill and personality. She believes diversity in the workplace brings more perspective, different voices and new ideas.

Matthew Gaudio

Chief Strategy Officer

Advizex Technologies

Gaudio has focused on fostering a culture of belonging and fairness. He encourages open communication and collaboration, creating a safe space for individuals to share their perspectives. By leading by example and advocating for inclusivity, he has contributed to a more diverse environment.

Andrew Gilman


NWN Carousel

Gilman supports DEI projects and elevates ideas. He jointly established Stronger TogetHER, an affinity group at NWN Carousel with the goal of fostering the growth and support of women within the organization. This initiative builds value-based connections within the community.

David Gonzalez

Director, Partner Sales

Park Place Technologies

Gonzalez takes pride in having a diverse team in gender, background and ethnicity. When hiring, he meticulously evaluates candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, drive, skill sets and passions, specifically seeking out areas that will add value and enhance the team’s effectiveness.

Ashley Goodwin Lowe

Advisor, DE&I Lead

Ingram Micro

Goodwin Lowe has increased visibility for Ingram Micro’s ERGs and raised awareness of DEIB as an educational conversation. Respecting and celebrating different perspectives, skills, talents, voices, thoughts and ideas are key to driving innovation throughout the distributor.

Rashel Graves

Sr. Director, Channel Programs, Enablement

Verizon Business

Graves has created a space that promotes diverse thinking and collaboration while making sure people are heard and respected. She is deliberate about her daily interactions and the messages she conveys on panels and roundtables she participates in.

Anthony Graziano

SVP, Marketing

D&H Distributing

Graziano has encouraged a culture of diversity and belonging, actively seeking out disparate perspectives, ensuring equitable opportunities for all team members, and championing initiatives to address biases and promote inclusivity in decision-making processes.

Robby Gulri

Director, Partner Success

RapidScale, a Cox Business Company

Gulri is committed to inclusive leadership, driven by empathy and a belief in the value of every individual. Having navigated challenges as an immigrant, he understands the importance of creating environments where everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

Tracy Hali

VP, Sales Operations


Hali is using her influence as an executive leader to advocate for others. She strives to lead by example and ensure that she is always making others feel welcomed and accepted so that they know that their opinion is valued. She also continues to learn by mentoring others.

Wendy Harmon

VP, Global Channel Marketing


This past year Harmon placed an emphasis on earning recognition for the many talented women within RingCentral’s channel organization. She believes that when everyone feels valued and respected, they are free to share their views openly, leading to better collaboration and creativity.

Kelly Hartman

SVP, Channels, Alliances


Hartman focuses on individual coaching and mentoring to build and grow the best, most diverse team possible as differences make for stronger, higher-performing teams. She also participates in company panels during key celebration months to share her experiences.

Bronwyn Hastings

VP, Global ISV Ecosystems, Channels


Recognizing the interconnectedness of personal and professional growth, Hastings has incorporated personal development sessions dedicated to providing people with the necessary tools for their own development and ensuring they understand how to apply them.

Tom Herrmann

VP, Global Alliances, Channels

Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Herrmann worked with partner teams globally to establish better cross-region collaboration and drive more diverse viewpoints. He also worked with his channel and partner operations team to recruit more women- and minority-owned partners.

Eric Herzog



Herzog spurred a redesign of Infinidat’s recruitment site to better reflect the company’s inclusive values. He also championed initiatives focused on diverse hiring practices, employee training leadership development and ERGs, among other things.

Mary Alice Heston

Global VP, Alliances


During the year Heston has been driving Reltio’s Women in Data initiative, she has posted a LinkedIn article about closing the gender gap in data management, hosted a Women in Data luncheon at its industry event and continues to host Women in Data events as she travels globally.

Ohilda Holguin

Channel Manager


Holguin helped provide ERG members with personal development opportunities by obtaining speakers and helping coordinate fireside chats, workshops and webinars. She also created cross-department opportunities at Logitech to celebrate Latino heritage.

Sabine Howest

SVP, Global Digital Operations

Ingram Micro

Howest’s goal when building her staff is to have the best team with the best spirit. To achieve this, she seeks out the right members where they are. In creating an inclusive team, she ensures high standards of integrity and zero tolerance for disrespect.

Paulette Huber

Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships

Extreme Networks

Huber has focused on fostering inclusivity within her team, actively encouraging diversity and welcoming new ideas. She has supported women team members in participating in conferences and has helped drive initiatives promoting DEI.

Kenna Ith

Sr. Sales Manager, Global Installed Base Programs


Ith has prioritized inclusive leadership by implementing a focus on DEI and fostering open communication channels for all team members to voice their perspectives and thoughts She also has created opportunities for the team to learn and grow.

Prem Iyer

SVP, Global Ecosystems

Palo Alto Networks

As the executive sponsor of UJIMA, Palo Alto Networks’ Black Employee Network Group, Iyer has a platform in which he can be part of the change he is seeking. He recognizes that there is systemic inequity and is constantly and actively thinking about how he can help with that disparity.

Charissa Jaganath

Head Of Responsible Business


Jaganath has bolstered Logicalis’ community support strategies aligned with its DEI initiatives, including helping to increase the number of women in leadership roles, encouraging more diverse employee recruitment and strengthening DEI training.

Cassie Jeppson

Director, North America Channel Programs


Jeppson ensures that candidates being considered for new roles are a diverse group. She believes that her team should look like the channel partners Lenovo serves, which results in an eclectic group that is collaborative, representative and engaging.

David Jordan

CFO, Americas

TD Synnex

Jordan has sponsored several initiatives to drive inclusive leadership across TD Synnex and the finance teams, affecting parental leave policy, charitable giving program initiatives and changes within his team to increase diverse recruitment.

Kam Kaila


IT By Design

Kaila is very intentional when hiring to ensure that IT By Design is supporting and enabling the success of diverse applicants. She provides mentorship and active sponsorship support to these team members so that she can in some way lessen the obstacles in their path to success.

Corey Kirkendoll


5K Technologies

Kirkendoll has significantly influenced the tech industry through his roles in various councils and advisory boards, emphasizing DEI. His efforts as a leader, speaker and author have notably shaped policies and practices within 5K Technologies and the broader MSP community.

Rina Konishi

Sr. Director, Marketing


Konishi has championed inclusivity by initiating the re-creation of the One Dizzion Committee for all employees. She also launched the Dizzioneers program to showcase diverse employee stories and co-organized a significant International Women’s Day event focused on inspiring inclusion.

Jenny Krummenacher

Director, Channel Sales

Zebra Technologies

Krummenacher participates in seven out of Zebra’s nine ERGs as a member or ally and mentors several colleagues. Her experiences and background serve as a constant reminder of the importance of using her power, ability and desire to pave an easier path for those who come after her in the industry.

Xochitl Ledesma

Strategic Channel Programs Director


Ledesma last year dedicated herself to cultivating communities throughout SentinelOne. Serving as the chair and founding member of its LGBTQIA+ ERG, she spearheaded various internal awareness and learning initiatives.

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Helda Lopes

Head Of Global Partner Programs, Marketing

Juniper Networks

In addition to supporting inclusive initiatives as a DEI ambassador at Juniper, Lopes leads by example by hiring diverse individuals on her own team while ensuring pay parity for all. Lopes believes that a diverse workforce benefits everyone.

Gordon Mackintosh

Group VP, Global Channels, Virtual Sales

Juniper Networks

As Juniper’s go-to-market DEI executive sponsor, Mackintosh established three pillars key to its DEI efforts: inclusive culture; inclusive workforce; and external partnerships and communications, which all strengthen its commitment to a diversity landscape.

Ken McCray

VP, U.S. Channel Sales


In meetings and decision-making processes, McCray ensures that all voices are considered, encouraging a culture of inclusion and respect. All of his efforts reflect his commitment to building an inclusive culture, enhancing team dynamics and promoting diversity within the organization.

Toby McDuffie

Sr. Director, Global Distribution Partner Sales, OEM Operations


McDuffie focuses on being an ally to marginalized groups and speaking up for people who don’t have a voice in the room, in part by mentoring several women. She also created a channel program at Ciena to support sustainability efforts.

Maggie McGovern

VP, Sales


McGovern has worked to build a diverse team where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Under her leadership, Ntirety has a diverse sales and channel team, with different skills, talents, ideas, viewpoints and approaches, which all are key to fueling innovation and engagement.

Gordon McKenna

VP, Cloud Evangelist, Alliances


McKenna has been deliberate in elevating women on his team to participate in leadership training sessions. Understanding how professional development is key to career advancement, he has identified and encouraged high-potential women employees.

Kelli McMillan

Director, Global Partners


McMillan has mentored business development as Five9 founded the Dialed In Crew committee, focused on diversity and inclusion. Due to her mentorship, she was invited to join their leadership team to advocate for programs enhancing the organizational culture, a role she still holds after nearly four years.

Kimberly Miles

Director, Sales, Marketing

Atom Creek

Miles has implemented inclusive practices in team collaboration. She has encouraged open dialogue and created a safe space for discussions around diversity and inclusion, facilitating meaningful exchanges that have led to increased understanding and empathy among team members.

Denise Millard

Chief Partner Officer

Dell Technologies

Millard advances mentorship across internal partner and sales teams. Being an active participant and a leader within Dell’s Women In Action ERG, she is committed to inclusivity and also leads discussions with Dell’sGenNext ERG, which fosters the next generation of diverse leaders.

Alyssa Mun

Engineering Manager

Extreme Networks

Mun strives to empower her team as much as possible and support them in the ways that they need. Comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, career stages and learning preferences, her team embodies a rich variety of abilities she is committed to fostering and nurturing.

Mark Murphy

Director, Partner Go To Market

Cisco Systems

After mentoring a LGBTQ+ colleague in France, Murphy guided Cisco to start its first Cisco PRIDE France Inclusive Community. He also joined an advisory committee for a U.K. mentor program, supporting early-in-career LGBTQ+ people.

Christina Nairn

Director, Americas Regional Marketing


Nairn has been a thought leader for DEI at Sophos for the past eight years. She spearheaded and launched a Sophos Women in Technology Mentorship program, pairing women within the organization with senior-level management and executives.

Maureen O’Connell

Sr. Director, Global Partner Sales

Comcast Business

O’Connell has been a leader of Comcast Business’ channel DEI program. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the program and helping to organize monthly events for DEI partners that are a part of the program.

Gretchen O’Hara

VP, Worldwide Partners, Alliances

Splunk, a Cisco Company

As a leader for several women-focused groups, O’Hara addresses financial inclusion and the gender gap and provides women with the knowledge they need to reach their full potential. She is also working closely with Splunk’s sustainability leader to support those efforts.

Tim Oldman

Internal Distribution Partner Account Manager, UK-I, Southern Europe, META

Extreme Networks

Oldman has promoted activities during and outside Pride month, encouraged development of other employees through ERG participation and subcommittee leadership, and led efforts to donate to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Tracie Orisko

Sr. Director, Sales Development, Community


Orisko collaborates with Huntress’ people team to identify a more diverse talent pool and make sure her teams know about professional and personal development tools. She also co-founded 2Seats, a community to amplify women’s voices in tech.

Jennifer Orr

VP, Americas Channels

Extreme Networks

Orr led her team in a management class from the Achieve Institute, where they actively practiced the skills learned and delved into discussions about the role biases can play in decision-making. This experience led to a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

Mark Osmond

VP, Worldwide Channels, Alliances


Osmond has found that by diversifying his team, employees are able to address issues as one far more effectively. His role as the global leader of the organization is to inspire others to take risks, challenge the norm and come up with creative ideas.

Maryann Pagano


BlackHawk Data

For Pagano, the best part of what she has done is that she can see the impact of her efforts. She has created a space quarterly where women, men and all people can come together and share their experiences. They do LinkedIn Live and in-person hybrid events, and they get better each time.

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Meredith Payne

Sr. Director, High Growth Specialty Sales

TD Synnex

Payne leads TD Synnex’s Inclusion and Belonging workstream for its U.S. DEI Council. Within her own team, she provides a platform for everyone to be heard. She also helps mentor co-workers and other leaders outside her team to share best practices.

Jean Plank

Director, Customer Success

Park Place Technologies

Plank launched her organization’s Women in Tech business resource group. The leadership group meets every month and will be hosting quarterly in-person events as well as remote sessions. She also launched an internal SharePoint site for companywide awareness.

Simon Powell

Sr. Director, Canada Partner, Commercial Sales


Powell has fostered an environment where every individual feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. He has also played a pivotal role in championing diversity and inclusion initiatives within his team and across the organization.

Cheryl Rang

VP, Technology Solutions

Ingram Micro

Rang held open communication forums across all levels of the organization. Having these conversations allowed anyone at any level to share their ideas, feelings and thoughts. She has worked hard to create a safe space for conversations—no matter how uncomfortable—to take place.

Cynthia Rodriguez

Associate Director, Business Sales

Verizon Business Group

Rodriguez has led efforts to boost inclusivity in her national organizations, with initiatives like flexible schedules for caregivers and safe spaces for diverse groups to explore roles. She also has tackled unconscious bias through training efforts.

Staci Rodriguez

Sr. Director, Americas Channel, Alliances Sales

Ping Identity

Rodriguez has led the Women of Ping DEI group since 2023 and hosted its first-ever DEI panel at Ping’s Identity and Access Management industry conference, Identiverse, to discuss diversity and how to support the development of women.

Adriana Scalora

Sr. Program Manager, Global Partner Programs, Initiatives

Splunk, a Cisco Company

Scalora co-led an effort to improve employee experience and engagement, launched an employee newsletter for the Global Alliances group that highlighted DEI topics, and connected with members to listen to ideas and ensure their voices were heard.

Allen Shahdadi

VP, Global Sales

Sycomp, A Technology Company

Shahdadi’s hiring practices have helped build a global sales team with 70 percent minorities. He also has created and promoted multiple leadership positions held by women and initiated an intership program for HBCU students.

Rania Shehata

VP, Americas General Counsel

TD Synnex

Shehata has fostered a culture of belonging at TD Synnex. By championing inclusivity, she has cultivated a sense of belonging where every individual feels valued, respected and empowered to bring their authentic selves to the table, ultimately driving diversity of thought.

Jyotika Singh

Head Of Operational Excellence, Asia-Pacific Japan

TD Synnex

Singh has implemented structured mentoring that fosters exploration and potential and instituted “listening circles” that promote gender equality. She also has advocated for inclusive HR policies like extended parental leave.

Michael Slater

Head Of Sales, Channel Marketplace


Slater built diverse teams for better customer service and a sharper work environment. He also actively participated in DEI workshops and encouraged his team to do the same. He was key to increasing Sherweb’s DEI perceived score by 5 percent.

Karl Soderlund

VP, Worldwide Partners, Alliances


Soderlund has been a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity within his organization, actively supporting and promoting initiatives that embrace diverse perspectives and recognizing the value they bring to Zscaler’s collective success.

Andrico Spates

Sr. Manager, Global Partner Sales, Business Development

Cisco Systems

Spates pioneered an internal purpose program that connected over 100 Cisco employees with diverse channel partners, authored blogs highlighting inclusive leadership, and participated in diversity-focused events across the country.

Nancy Spittle

Sr. Partner Manager

Cradlepoint, part of Ericsson

Cradlepoint’s DEIB programs include professionals from various teams and experience levels. As a member of the inaugural DEIB committee, Spittle collaborated with HR on creating processes to achieve its annual goals—from editing an intranet newsletter to leading the Learning Committee.

Sonia St. Charles

Founder, CEO

Davenport Group

St. Charles continually works to make explicit and intentional moves toward developing a more inclusive workplace. By thoughtfully promoting and redistributing responsibilities among the executive leadership team, she has ensured that diverse voices lead from the top of the company.

Sukkie Steve-Fagbemi

Sr. Director, Accounting

TD Synnex

Steve-Fagbemi volunteers as the DEI lead for TD Synnex’s Canadian Council. In this role, she actively promotes and participates in initiatives aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion. This includes supporting recruitment efforts for the various ERGs available to co-workers.

Myladie Polyxeni Stoumbou

Sr. Regional Director, Partner Development, ISV, Startups


As a member of the Women/Accessibility ERG, Stoumbou has helped partners build more inclusive and accessible solutions. Also, as chair of the Women in Business committee, she spearheaded two events on diversity and inclusion.

Wendy Stusrud

VP, Global Partner Sales

Pure Storage

Stusrud mentors individuals throughout Pure and takes an active role in supporting training and leadership programs for the partner organization. She also celebrates alternative ideas and perspectives during organization-wide meetings.

Luxy Thuraisingam

VP, Global SMB, Partner Marketing

Cisco Systems

Thuraisingam supports Cisco’s Multiplier Effect, which enables executives to interact more with diverse individuals. She also participates in Cisco’s Executive Shadow Program, which allows diverse individuals to understand her “day in the life.”

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Tiffany Torson

Sr. Director, Sales, Client Success

VIPRE Security Group

Torson has established a culture of inclusivity with her team by dedicating one team meeting a month to learning about or celebrating the different cultures and identities of unique team members. She also follows this same initiative when planning ERG events.

Thi Than Thuong Tran

Head Of Ecosystem Advocacy, Advocation


Tran established the Social Impact category for Pinnacle Awards, honoring partners using technology for societal good. Engaging with SAP’s top 25 partners, she also promoted the “Educate to Employ” program, aiding underprivileged talent in securing jobs with partners.

Craig Vario

Global Head Of Channel

Cisco ThousandEyes

Vario ensures inclusive hiring practices for under-represented individuals, exceeding industry standards for gender diversity by 40 percent. He also has built a leadership team where 40 percent of the members represent at least one under-represented or diverse community.

Mary Beth Walker

VP, Head Of Global Channel Strategy

HP Inc.

Walker has effected meaningful change by encouraging diverse hiring practices, with partner programs like HP Amplify Impact and as a member of the Women’s Leadership Council, where she puts on two annual events to help women advance their careers.

Jen Waltz

VP, Global Alternate Channels

Kron Technologies

Waltz’s efforts have focused on personal actions and initiatives that foster DEI within her professional sphere and broader community. She dedicates significant personal time to mentoring—focusing on career development and leadership skills and providing guidance on navigating the tech industry.

David Watts

SVP, Regional Managing Director, U.K., Ireland

TD Synnex

Watts participates in all of TD Synnex’s business resource groups. He is also working to ensure gender pay equity within the region, champions family-friendly policies and is committed to servant-leadership principles.

Rebecca Wetherly

Director, Systems Integrators, Worldwide Public Sector Partners

Amazon Web Services

In late 2022, Wetherly signed the global AWS Inclusion Pledge. Since then she has become an Inclusion Ambassador for the company. She is leading by example what she hopes others will want to be a part of.

Jennifer Whaley

North America Director, Partner Enablement


In 2022, Whaley helped spearhead and now is the chair of the Lenovo Allyship interest group, which works with the company’s ERGs. She strives to create environments where everyone has equal opportunities and feels respected regardless of their background.

Victoria Wiesner

Manager, North America Distribution

Arctic Wolf

Wiesner led an “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Book Club” to facilitate personal and professional development. She also launched weekly Women Spotlights, elevating them cross-departmentally through visibility and celebrating wins.

Todd Wilson

VP, Global Channels

Menlo Security

Wilson ensures everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Seeing individuals thrive in an environment where they feel respected and included is his greatest motivation, and he is committed to creating a culture where differences are celebrated, leading to innovation and better outcomes.

Phanneth Wood

VP, Global Distribution Sales


Wood is focused on reshaping the cybersecurity industry by proving women belong, encouraging the women in her circle to advocate for themselves and each other. Together, they are inspiring a community that allows for better collaboration, positivity and mutual success across all genders.