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10 Coolest Cloud Security Tools And Products 2022 (So Far)

Jay Fitzgerald

From Google tested open-source software to recon intelligence tools, the cloud is generating plenty of security products these days.

The migration of so many companies to the cloud has created its own security challenges in recent years – and the cybersecurity industry is responding.

Every week, new cloud security tools and products are being unveiled by cybersecurity startups and established companies alike.

In some respects, the new offerings can roughly mimic on-premise security tools, but in other respects they’re entirely different in concept and substance.

CRN has looked at many cloud security products so far this year, offerings produced by and for big and small firms.

The following are just 10 of those cool products and tools.

* Google’s Open-Source Security Software

* Aqua Software Supply Chain Security

* Cisco Security Cloud

* Chronicle Security

* Tufin Orchestration Suite R22-1

* CrowdStrike’s Humio for Falcon

* Google Confidential GKE Nodes

* Orca Cloud Security

* Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform

* Lightspin’s Recon.Cloud

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