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12 Cool Cybersecurity Products And Services In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

From Huntress’s EDR offering to the new Tenable One platform, cybersecurity companies, both big and small, are churning out new products to meet escalating demand.

The markets may be nervous about the state of the economy, but cybersecurity companies keep barreling ahead.

Now in the fourth quarter of 2022, investors continue to pour billions of dollars into the cybersecurity sector, though maybe not at the red-hot rate of last year’s investment pace.

And security companies, both big and small, established vendors and startups, keep announcing new products, services, strategic partnerships and policies - all aimed at improving security for customers amid escalating cyberattacks by individual hackers or nation-state intruders.

As part of CRN’s Cybersecurity Week 2022, here are some of the most cutting-edge security products and services that companies have announced so far this year, with only three more months left in 2022.

* Huntress’s New EDR offering

* Tenable One Platform

* Acronis’s new DLP pack

* Secureworks Taegis – XDR

* Microsoft Adds To Defender Suite

* Fortinet’s FortiCNP

* Palo Alto Networks’ ‘Autonomous SOC

* Cisco’s Security Cloud

* Aqua Software Supply Chain Security

* Tufin Orchestration Suite R22-1

* Google’s Open-Source Security Software

* CrowdStrike’s Falcon Long Term Repository

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