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Liongard Launching Cybersecurity Posture Tool To Help MSPs Generate More Revenue

CJ Fairfield

‘It will enable them to help get the customer to take the steps they need to take to be in a good place to have cyber insurance defensibility, because that’s a major area of challenge for MSPs,’ says Liongard CEO Michelle Accardi.


Michelle Accardi said Liongard is taking partners on a journey from cyber risk to revenue.

“I don’t know that a lot of MSPs really understand yet how important it is for them to not only make their customers aware of what their cybersecurity posture is, but for them to know that they need to be able to monetize that,” the CEO of Houston-based MSP-focused cybersecurity vendor Liongard told CRN.

To help with that, Liongard this fall is releasing a cybersecurity posture dashboard that allows partners to go to each of their customers to share with them their cybersecurity health score.

“It will enable them to help get the customer to take the steps they need to take to be in a good place to have cyber insurance defensibility, because that’s a major area of challenge for MSPs,” she said.

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MSPs must show value to their customers on a regular basis, said Liongard CTO Joe Alapat.

“This cybersecurity posture dashboard is a way that MSPs can, on a regular basis, share all that good work they’re doing,” he said.

Scoring will be done on an individual basis, but the tool will also show an overall score over time.

And the tool uses graphics and charts so that it’s easily digestible by customers, Alapat said.

“And it’s able to show [a customer’s] cyber posture over time,” Accardi said. “They may have started at 50 percent, but then when they started implementing the things that the MSP has told them that they needed to have implemented, it allows them to do more work, to make more money from either implementing services like Liongard or other project-based things that will help them. This winds up being not only a way to show the value to keep the customer but also to potentially generate more revenue.”

Liongard has also partnered with cyber insurance providers to make sure an end customer’s cybersecurity posture aligns with the boxes that need to be checked for cyber insurance coverage. That way, the security posture tool can show MSPs what’s missing and what’s needed to get the end customer the right insurance.

“Liongard was instrumental in assisting us during an investigation for one of our co-managed healthcare clients related to an insurance claim,” Jeff Dennis, CEO of North Royalton, Ohio-based MSP TRNSFRM, told CRN. “Thanks to Liongard, we provided crucial data that identified a rogue employee who had tampered with key configurations. This solid evidence led to a swift resolution in just a few hours, avoiding what could have been a prolonged and costly investigation. To our client, speed to resolution and being able to provide that data was invaluable and solidified us as a high value partner.”

To get partners ready for the dashboard, Liongard has launched its risk to revenue reseller kit which helps with marketing efforts to get the posture tool out to their customers.

“It’s integral in terms of positioning the MSP to actually go forward and to show the value and customer position around additional subscription revenue,” Alapat said.

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CJ Fairfield

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