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The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Tools And Products Of 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

From Google to Laminar, there’s been no shortage of firms coming up with new cloud-security offerings.

The cloud is where organizations are going – so those developing security products are going there too.

And there’s been no shortage of large-, small-, and medium-sized companies coming up with new tools and products to protect every nook and cranny of cloud operations against increasingly brazen and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Investors have most definitely joined the trend, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into startups providing cloud native or multicloud or hybrid-cloud protections.

Meanwhile, giant cloud service providers are busy developing their own security products in order to protect the data of its customers, big and small.

The following is a look at some of the hottest and most interesting cloud security products and tools in 2022:

* Aviatrix ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard

* Chronicle

* Cisco Security Cloud

* CrowdStrike Cloud Security

* Fortinet FortiCNP

* Google’s Open-Source Security Software

* Illumio CloudSecure

* Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform

* Palo Alto Prisma Cloud

* Wiz Cloud Detection and Response

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