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The 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Startups Of 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Despite economic headwinds, cybersecurity startups still did well in terms of raising funds in 2022. CRN breaks down what you should know about some of the security standouts.

The past year started strong for security startups, as funding continued to pour into young firms at record levels. More than a few firms were suddenly and proudly calling themselves unicorns.

But the tech market started to tighten up this past spring, as stock prices tumbled, the IPO market dried up, and later-stage startups began laying off workers in order to preserve cash.

Though there was a small pullback by investors, the cybersecurity industry nevertheless showed remarkable resilience compared to other tech sectors. Big bucks continue to be invested in security companies, under the belief that companies can’t afford potentially devastating cyberattacks and needed cutting-edge security tools and services.

All in all, it was a financially good year for the cybersecurity sector – and for earlier-stage startups in general.

CRN takes a look at some of those startups making their mark on the tech sector, from one focusing on email security to another focusing on a new secure web browser for a hybrid workforce.

The following is CRN’s list of the hottest security startups of 2022.

* Abnormal Security

* Axis Security

* Beyond Identity

* BlueVoyant

* Cymulate

* Fortanix

* Grip Security

* Perimeter 81

* Talon Cyber Security

* Vanta

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