2022 Year In Review

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From the hottest startups to the coolest products, join CRN as we look at the biggest stories that impacted the channel in 2022.


The 10 Biggest News Stories Of 2022
Many of the biggest news stories this year, including supply chain disruptions, economic uncertainty and the adoption of hybrid work practices, are repercussions from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The 10 Biggest Tech M&A Deals Of 2022
Despite the economic uncertainties of 2022, the pace of blockbuster mergers and acquisitions in the IT industry doesn’t seem to have slowed. Here’s a look at the biggest tech mergers and acquisitions that were announced, completed or still in the works as of the end of the year.

The 10 Biggest Data Breaches Of 2022
According to the newest breach statistics from the Identity Theft Research Center, the number of victims jumped dramatically in the third quarter—a ‘staggering 210 percent over Q2 2022.’

The 10 Biggest Microsoft Channel News Stories Of 2022
Innovations in Teams, Azure and security plus radical changes to the vendor’s partner program – from New Commerce Experience to partner capability scores – defined 2022 as a pivotal year for Microsoft.

The 10 Biggest VMware News Stories Of 2022
On April 26, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan’s assistant called Michael Dell’s assistant to make an appointment, and that is how VMware’s biggest news story of 2022 began.

The 10 Biggest Cisco News Stories Of 2022
The biggest news for the tech behemoth in 2022 included executive moves, layoffs and real estate rebalancing plans, supply chain challenges, and the company furthering its XaaS strategy.

The 15 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2022
Configuration errors, record-setting summer heat in the U.K. and ‘an act of vandalism’ were among the culprits affecting cloud use this year.

The 10 Biggest AWS News Stories of 2022
CRN breaks down the 10 most important AWS news stories of 2022—from being awarded the Ukraine Peace Prize to calling out Microsoft to new innovation and a bullish partner push.


The 10 Coolest Open-Source Software Tools Of 2022
High-performance data management and analytics tools, software for managing APIs and Kubernetes containers, and application development and machine learning platforms: Here’s a look at the open-source software—both new and tried-and-true—that caught our attention in 2022.

The 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Tools And Products Of 2022
Threat intelligence units, enterprise browsers and passwordless authentication products were among the hottest cybersecurity products making their debuts this year.

The 10 Hottest Big Data Tools Of 2022
Data is an increasingly valuable asset for businesses and a critical component of many digital transformation and business automation initiatives. Here’s a look at 10 tools in the big data space, from cloud data platforms and next-generation databases to advanced data integration and transformation technologies, that really caught our attention in 2022.

The 10 Coolest Business Analytics Tools Of 2022
Businesses are seeking more efficient ways to analyze and leverage data for competitive advantage. Here are 10 of the coolest business analytics tools that can help.

The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Tools And Products Of 2022
From Google to Laminar, there’s been no shortage of firms coming up with new cloud-security offerings.

The 10 Hottest Networking Products Of 2022
The hottest networking products and services to hit the market in 2022 include SD-WAN and cellular connectivity while harnessing next-generation security and wireless standards. The one thing they all have in common? They can help solution providers address hybrid work requirements.

The 10 Hottest Collaboration Tools Of 2022
Collaboration industry mainstays Cisco and Zoom make this year’s list of the hottest collaboration tools, as do a slew of specialists that come armed with UCaaS, contact center and videoconferencing offerings.


The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startup Companies Of 2022
CRN rounds up chip companies making their mark on 2022 despite a turbulent economic situation unfolding.

The 10 Hottest Data Science And Machine Learning Startups In 2022
Data science and machine learning technologies continue to rapidly evolve, providing innovative ways for businesses to leverage their data assets and automate data-focused processes. Here are 10 startups with leading-edge data science and machine learning technology that have caught our attention this year.

The 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Startups Of 2022
Despite economic headwinds, cybersecurity startups still did well in terms of raising funds in 2022. CRN breaks down what you should know about some of the security standouts.

The 10 Hottest AI Startup Companies Of 2022
AI Squared, TimeZest and Pano are just some of the AI startups that have made CRN’s list.

The 10 Hottest Data Storage Startups Of 2022
Here are 10 data storage startups looking to stand out in a world where traditional storage growth is quickly giving way to the growth in cloud-based storage.

The 10 Hottest Networking Startups Of 2022
From those specializing in hybrid cloud-based offerings and Networking as a Service to Secure Access Service Edge and private 5G, here are 10 of the hottest networking startups of 2022.

The 10 Hottest Big Data Startups of 2022
Businesses are looking to next-generation database systems, data transformation and integration tools and big data analytics software to help them leverage exploding volumes of data. Here’s a look at 10 hot big data startups developing leading-edge software and services that help solution providers and customers meet their big data challenges.

The 10 Hottest DevOps Startup Companies Of 2022
This year’s list includes a few companies that have firmly put a stake in the ground in the DevOps arena, including Esper and Armory, as well as a bunch of freshly launched newcomers, including Insightly Analytics and Opsera.

The 10 Coolest Cloud Computing Startup Companies of 2022
From artificial intelligence- and machine learning-driven cloud startups to new cloud cost optimization companies, here are the 10 cloud computing starts that made waves in 2022.

The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startup Companies Of 2022
Investors are still pouring big bucks into cloud security as more and more companies migrate to the cloud