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The 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Tools And Products Of 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Threat intelligence units, enterprise browsers and passwordless authentication products were among the hottest cybersecurity products making their debuts this year.

The cybersecurity sector in 2022 continued to generate new products and services to meet the growing demand for cutting-edge security offerings.

All types of security features remained in high demand throughout the year—from next-generation network firewalls to the latest secure access service edge (SASE) products.

Some relatively new trends emerged in 2022, or at least became more apparent, such as the increased number of new threat intelligence products and services and new enterprise browsers to make employees’ web experiences safer.

Passwordless authentication was a major topic of discussion in 2022, as a number of companies pursued development of passwordless products this past year. Zero trust offerings were also big in 2022.

In all, thousands of new, updated and modified security products and services were unveiled by cybersecurity vendors in 2022. Following are 10 of the hottest of those tools and products.

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