The 10 Hottest Cloud Security Tools And Products Of 2022

From Google to Laminar, there’s been no shortage of firms coming up with new cloud-security offerings.

The cloud is where organizations are going – so those developing security products are going there too.

And there’s been no shortage of large-, small-, and medium-sized companies coming up with new tools and products to protect every nook and cranny of cloud operations against increasingly brazen and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Investors have most definitely joined the trend, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into startups providing cloud native or multicloud or hybrid-cloud protections.

Meanwhile, giant cloud service providers are busy developing their own security products in order to protect the data of its customers, big and small.

The following is a look at some of the hottest and most interesting cloud security products and tools in 2022:

* Aviatrix ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard

* Chronicle

* Cisco Security Cloud

* CrowdStrike Cloud Security

* Fortinet FortiCNP

* Google’s Open-Source Security Software

* Illumio CloudSecure

* Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform

* Palo Alto Prisma Cloud

* Wiz Cloud Detection and Response

Aviatrix ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard

Earlier this year, multi-cloud networking vendor Aviatrix included security analytics capabilities into its already formidable ThreatIQ with ThreatGuard platform. The move enables the platform to automate detections and alerts – and cut down on the number of false alerts that often infuriate IT people overseeing systems. The Network Behavior Analytics security ultimately helps establish what normal network traffic looks like – and what’s abnormal.


Chronicle, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet Inc., made a series of announcements tied to security offerings, including the introduction of new YARA-L functions for string matching, regex matching, timestamp operations and arithmetic operations in the Chronicle detection engine. Chronicle also unveiled context-award detections to make alerts more functionally enabled and improve detection and response.

Note: In early 2022, Google Cloud announced its acquisition of Siemplify, whose SOAR capability Google Cloud said would be integrated with its Chronicle security analytics platform.

Cisco Security Cloud

At the RSA Conference last June, Cisco Systems unveiled what it called the basis of its security plan for the future – Cisco Security Cloud. The new offering includes a unified, open-standards-based platform that will ensure security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The platform was also slated to include threat prevention, detection, response and remediation at scale, with no vendor lock-in, the company said. On its website, the company boast of Cisco Security Cloud: “Protect your entire ecosystem–from cloud applications to branch offices, to IoT–with one integrated, cloud-based platform.”

CrowdStrike Cloud Security

CrowdStrike Cloud Security provides advanced cloud-native applications security, including breach protection, workload protection and cloud security posture management. It also delivers a number of CNAPP capabilities including cloud infrastructure entitlement management, container security, indicators of misconfiguration and indicators of attack.

Fortinet FortiCNP

FortiCNP is a cloud-native protection platform integrated with cloud service providers’ security services and Fortinet’s Security Fabric for securing cloud workloads, using FortiCNP’s patented Risk Resource Insights (RRI) technology. It addresses areas as risk management, threat management, data security, container security and compliance.

Google’s Open-Source Security Software

A number of companies are taking aim at protecting software supply chains from becoming the latest cyberattack vectors. Earlier this year, Google Cloud contributed to the supply-chain safety effort by announcing a new initiative that makes available some of its open-source cloud security code that’s been previously tested and proven effective against cyberattacks.

The open-source push is part of Google’s vow in 2021 to spend $10 billion to improve cybersecurity across the Internet.

Illumio CloudSecure

Describing itself as a ‘Zero Trust segmentation company,’ Illumio says its CloudSecure delivers agentless visibility for cloud-native applications and infrastructure across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. It’s designed to minimize the impact of a breach across applications, containers, clouds, datacenters, and endpoints. Last year, the firms raised $250 million in a Series F funding round led by private equity giant Thoma Bravo.

Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform

The Laminar Cloud Data Security Platform was released in early 2022 – with the Tel Aviv, Israel-based public cloud data security provider saying the platform was built on a “major architectural breakthrough” that enables data protection across the entire multi-cloud environment. Some might differ on how cutting-edge the technology might be for customers. But Laminar certainly has its share of believers, including investors who have pumped $67 million into Laminar over the past year.

Palo Alto Prisma Cloud

According to Palo Alton Networks, Prisma Cloud secures applications from code to cloud, enabling security and DevOps teams to effectively collaborate to accelerate secure cloud-native application development and deployment. The single integrated platform cuts down on training and staffing issues caused by having many security offerings from too many different vendors.

Wiz Cloud Detection and Response

At the RSA Conference in June, Wiz unveiled its cloud detection and response offering -- aptly called Wiz Cloud Detection and Response or just Wiz CDR -- to help organizations quickly identify threats and limit breach exposures. The company also introduced Wiz Advanced Control, helping organizations identify critical risks. Fyi: Wiz, founded in 2020, has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and pushed its valuation last year up to more than $6 billion.