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How HPE Is Out-Innovating Competitors With New Alletra Storage MP By ‘Going to Where The Puck Is Going:’ Paul Hunter

Steven Burke

Hewlett Packard Enterprise North America Managing Director Paul Hunter says the new HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud storage offerings the company is bringing to market led by Alletra Storage MP provides ‘innovation that is differentiated that our competition doesn’t have.’

The Best-Ever HPE Storage Portfolio

Hewlett Packard Enterprise North America Managing Director Paul Hunter says the new HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud storage family with Alletra Storage MP is the flat-out “best storage portfolio” in the company’s history.

“This is the best storage portfolio we have ever had,” said Hunter in an interview with CRN. “One of the attributes I love about it is we are going to where the puck is going. We are not competing on feature function benefit—my stuff is faster than your stuff. We are differentiating by helping our partners help our customers with operational and agility aspects of managing data and drawing insights from it.”

The new Alletra Storage MP systems along with a new HPE GreenLake File Storage Service for AI-based data-intensive applications, an expanded HPE GreenLake Block Storage offering and new HPE GreenLake Disaster Recovery and Backup and Recovery cloud services provide innovation that is differentiated from competitors, said Hunter.

“The three innovations we are adding bring a bigger market into sight for our partners,” said Hunter. “They are compelling to our customers so it makes it easier to sell with some innovation that is differentiated that our competition doesn’t have.”

The new HPE storage innovation comes with HPE in the midst of all-out bid to grab cloud storage services market share with a new North America data services and storage team backed up by a new partner incentive that nearly triples the commission for HPE GreenLake storage as a service from 6 percent to 17 percent.

The push for data-first modernization and market-share growth in 2023 was put in place for the start of the HPE fiscal year, Nov. 1, by HPE North America Managing Director Paul Hunter.

Among the changes was a move to put all of HPE North America’s storage and presales specialists under Adnan Bhutta as the new vice president and general manager of North America storage and data services sales. Previously, Bhutta was overseeing North America commercial sales.

Hunter’s final call of action to partners: “Make use of the investments and tools we are making available. We are making it easier to win, easier to create new opportunities, and the proposition is incredibly compelling to customers if we are able to tell it in a way that they can convert into business terms.”

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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