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The ‘Future Of Storage:’ HPE Unleashes GreenLake File, Block Storage With Alletra Storage MP

Steven Burke

HPE has launched what it’s calling “future of storage” with Alletra Storage MP, a new file storage offering and an expanded block storage service for its HPE GreenLake pay-per-use platform.

HPE Alletra Storage MP: An Architectural Breakthrough

The HPE Alletra Storage MP architecture provides the ability to scale out performance or capacity on a single control plane in an HPE GreenLake pay-per-use model.

“The biggest advantage that we are bringing to the table is based on the new Alletra Storage MP architecture,” said HPE Senior Vice President and General Manager of Data Infrastructure and SaaS Infrastructure Omer Asad. “Imagine this architecture as Lego-like building blocks that connect on a standard 100 Gbit-[per-second] TCP-based NVMe [data] fabric.”

The Alletra Storage MP building blocks are attached into the NVMe data fabric, delivering a file or block storage offering that provides shared services with the same controller configured for performance or capacity, said Asad.

“What that allows is a really, really simplistic supply chain methodology and allows our customers to stock these boxes ahead of time and on demand as needed. They can configure them in each direction [capacity or performance] they want,” he said.

HPE Alletra Storage MP provides scale-out capacity and performance on the HPE GreenLake cloud platform in a SaaS model, said Asad.

“This is cloud-delivered software based on the subscription that you purchase from us, whether it is a block subscription or a file subscription,” he said. “The right bits are then transported over to your boxes and you have a fully cloud control plane that manages these clusters in a single pane of glass and allows you to deliver services for these applications in a completely seamless manner.”

Steven Burke

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