Partners Weigh Flash Array Vs. Hybrid Array

CRN’s Joe Kovar kicked offStorage Week 2015with an in-depth look at the applications and opportunities in the channel around all-flash array solutions and hybrid array solutions.

’The big question was, ’What are the use cases for all-flash array vs. hybrid array?’ Basically, all-flash array is really focused on high-performance applications, places where people really need performance more than anything else,’ Kovar said.

According to partners, all-flash array performance is necessary for virtual desktop infrastructure and online transaction processing. ’These are the kind of applications where performance is the key,’ he said.

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’Hybrid array, which includes both flash on the front end and then spinning disk on the back side, gives the performance of flash but also higher capacity on the back end at lower cost,’ Kovar said.

Storage Week will run during the entire week of March 9 and Kovar will contribute channel-focused pieces around the latest news in the storage world.

’It’s really focused on what the channel partners are saying -- a little bit of vendor voice in there as well, but I really wanted to hit the channel partners,’ he said.