CRN Test Center Storage Week 2015

The CRN Test Center presents Storage Week 2015, a look at the latest and greatest in data storage products, including NAS, SAN, SSD, solid state drive and cloud storage.

CRN presents Storage Week 2015, the CRN Test Center's wall-to-wall coverage of the latest storage drives, devices and apps for the enterprise and consumer markets. Bookmark this page for five days of reviews, slideshows and videos, all designed to bring you solid intel from the storage world. This year's coverage will include reviews of industry-leading storage arrays and solid-state drives, an examination of flash storage versus hybrid storage and much more.

Storage Week

Hybrid Flash Arrays: 13 Vendors Pushing Capacity, Performance Boundaries

While the performance of all-flash array is needed for certain applications where cost is an issue, it is the hybrid array integrating both flash and spinning disk capacity that is fast becoming the storage industry workhorse.

Storage Week

Reviews: Connected Data Transporter, HP MSA 2040

As part of Storage Week 2015, the CRN Test Center shows how to turn a storage array into recurring revenue for managed service providers.

Storage Week

Reviews: Revenue-Generating Storage Appliances From Barracuda, ION

As part of Storage Week 2015, the CRN Test Center looks at two storage appliances that present revenue opportunities for solution providers.

Storage Week

Review: Three New SSDs From Top Vendors

The CRN Test Center reviews a trio of solid choices in solid-state drives from Intel, Samsung and SanDisk.

Storage Week

Performance At All Costs: 11 Speedy All-Flash Arrays

If performance is the key requirement for an application's storage, nothing today beats high-performance all-flash arrays.

Storage Week

Review: Three Mass Storage Devices For The SMB

As part of Storage Week 2015, the CRN Test Center reviews the latest NAS devices from D-Link and WD, and the ThunderBay 4 DAS from OWC.

Storage Week

All-Flash Storage Vs. Hybrid Storage: Weighing Workload Against Cost

When it comes to implementing flash storage, solution providers say the choice between higher-performance all-flash storage arrays and lower-cost hybrid storage arrays depends mainly on the workload.

Storage Week

Partners Weigh Flash Array Vs. Hybrid Array

Senior Editor Joe Kovar discusses his feature for Storage Week 2015, which looks at the benefits of all-flash array storage compared to hybrid arrays.