10 Hot Tech Products And Tools For The Midmarket

Whether it be a new detection and prevent platform, management services or AI, here are 10 hot products aimed at the midmarket.

With a big push on security this year, there’s no shortage of security tools and platforms available to end users in the midmarket. But products don’t stop there. Security plays a role in managed services, endpoint detection, AI and communication.

Whether it’s a cloud-based solution, automatic monitoring or a threat defender behind an email server, there’s no shortage in preventing cyberattacks. These solutions will also make operations easier for both in-house team members, partners and customers alike.

Here are 10 of those products featured at The Channel Company’s Midsize Enterprise Summit in Dallas, Texas that will make midmarket end users’ operations simpler and more secure.

novaSOC by Novacoast

novaSOC is an agile automatic monitoring, alerting and response tool backed by a global team of security operations center (SOC) analysts and built on years of cybersecurity expertise that provides a single pane of glass for all threat feeds.

Feeds include endpoint monitoring, automated incident reporting, remediation suggestions and detailed analytics. novaSOC is built to run easily on all endpoints via MSI in an automated process and uses MFA-enabled management portal controls.

novaSOC comes in four platforms–novaSOC Detect for threat hunting, novaSOC Enfore for vuln and patch, novaSOC Defend for mail defense and novaSOC Alert for SIEM services.


Addigy is a cloud-based Apple device management solution that eliminates the need for setting up, maintaining and monitoring monolithic server instances across different sites.

This solution centralizes all functionality needs to effectively manage and service Apple devices while extracting unnecessary and complicated items for both administrators and IT leaders.

The Addigy web platform can be accessed from any browser and performs real-time monitoring with automation remediation. Security features include firewall management, website blocking, FileVault management, gatekeeper enforcement, extensive security software catalog, password policy enforcement, screensaver password settings and SOC 2 compliance.

VMRAY Email Threat Defender

The VMRAY Email Threat Defender sits behind the secure email gateway, or the protection that comes with it, and scans every email at the time of delivery for threats that may slip through.

It automatically extracts and analyzes all files and URLs, including links and attachments, through a fast and accurate multi-stage analysis workflow that combines reputation lookup and static scans with VMRAY’s evasion-resistant sandboxing technology.

Once an email is identified as malicious, a warning is immediately sent to the security team as well as the recipient and the system automatically moves the email to a quarantine folder where it cannot infiltrate a network nor compromise or disable computers.


Expleo delivers agility with robotic process automation (RPA) that reduces end-to-end execution time and eliminates manual repetitive tasks. RPA automates full or partial processes and integrates disparate systems to deliver a number of business benefits.

Expleo RPA engineers design and build the robot following best practices and are put forth to help clients deliver the best business practices and initiatives.

The RPA team will ensure that robotic solutions are secure, compliant and scalable with a framework that delivers efficiency, reduces costs and improves the goals of the client.

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise automatically matches size of infrastructure to real-time user demand with multiple powerful, easy-to-use auto-scale algorithms.

Auto-scaling performs both VM power management and provisions/deletes resources on demand. Organizations can save up to 75 percent on their overall Azure compute and storage. Single-user, non-persistent VDI auto-scaling provides each user with their own desktop without permanently assigning a dedicated VM.

Personal, persistent desktops can be powered on when users start their workday and can be powered off automatically when they are done. IT professionals can control the aggressiveness of auto-scaling to balance cost savings and end user experience.


Adlumin’s cloud-native security analytics platform discovers threats, malfunctions and IT operation failures in real time through AI and machine learning. Through algorithms that analyze account-based threats, the platform can help identify, detect, analyze and prioritize malicious behavior in real time.

Adlumin’s platform has integrated compliance which allows customers to identify PCI DSS account management and encryption violations, satisfy Tier 1 PCI attestation compliance and retain log monitoring audit trails for one year.


Through a multi-signal approach, eSentire ingests endpoint, network, log, cloud, asset and vulnerability data that enables complete attack surface visibility. Detections from the eSentire Threat Response Unit are applied to capture data identifying known threats and suspicious activity across all surface layers.

Automated blocking capabilities built into the eSentire Atlas XDR cloud platform prevent attackers from gaining an initial foothold while eSentire’s experts initiate manual containment at multiple levels of the attack surface.

Guardicore Centra

Guardicore Centra collects detailed information about an organization’s IT frame through a mix of agent-based sensors, network-based data collectors and virtual private cloud flow logs from cloud providers. Context is added to this information through a flexible and highly automated labeling process that includes integration with existing data sources like orchestration systems and configuration management databases.

The output is a map of the whole IT infrastructure that allows security teams view activity with user and process level granularity on a real-time basis.

N-fina Hybrid Edge-Cloud

N-fina’s Hybrid Edge-Cloud combines the whole security protection, detection and remediation into a single service.

N-fina maintains copies of a customer’s critical data on-site and offsite to ensure information is insulated and always available for recovery, which also minimizes downtime. If a ransomware attack happens, N-fina is able to restore data from a snapshot taken prior to the attack and can properly restore a system within minutes or hours.

In an event that that backup fails, the snapshots are installed on N-Fina’s Clean Room where AI and machine learning virus software are implemented to remove the infected files before restoring the server.


Rocket.chat connects a company’s team with customers, suppliers and partners in on centralized communication platform, whether that be through email, Slack, WhatsApp, SMS or Skype.

It’s an open source team collaboration platform that allows companies to communicate internally and externally as well as build integrations and apps inside of the platform.

It’s enables communication platforms all in one place which also enhances security because it is self-hosted. Companies own all of their data on the platform, which doesn’t get transferred to a third party or the cloud.