Secrets To Success From 5 Fast Growth 2011 Execs

The Secrets To Fast Growth Success

Companies on the 2011 Fast Growth list grew in percentages that were not measured in double or even triple digits, but by the thousands. For example, Edge Solutions, the IT solution provider with the largest increase in sales revenue between 2008 and 2010, grew by 2,633.33 percent.

Here's what five executives -- including Edge's VP of Sales -- say drove their companies' growth strategies.

Bobby Thomas, VP Sales, Edge Solutions

"The growth of our company can be attributed to a few basic principles that we continue to follow: First, we are developing a culture based on simply doing the right thing for our customers and employees, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen. The management team was and is determined to attract the most talented, experienced sales and technical resources available. We have built a support structure within our company to engage all the resources required to grow our business -- all working as one team to support each and every customer."

Steve Seago, VP Sales, Genesis Networks

"At Genesis, we are fanatical about the customer experience. As we craft solutions we begin with, 'How is this good for the client?' and build from there. This extends to obtaining quality certifications such as ISO 9001 and TL9000 to demonstrate our commitment. As long as we stay dedicated to a client-centric solution, the rest seems to take care of itself. We develop a reputation for quality work. We’re asked to take on additional work and we are referred to others as a quality provider. You can’t lose site of the bottom line, but if your focus is on the customer, then profits follow."

Joe Shields, President And Co-Founder, IP Pathways

"Our culture is a little different. We’re not siloed at all. We look at sharp people, then give them broad training. We look for those with interest and aptitude, for example, folks that might be a network administrator, but may have an interest in storage. We get well-rounded individuals. The other thing is that we incent and promote entrepreneurial behavior. By promoting revenue growth among everyone, we all feel like part of the family. There’s not a lot of hierarchy here."

Tony Jimenez, President And Founder, Microtech

"The biggest challenge is that you have to provide your staff with the ability to grow ... so you're making sure that they are equipped and have the maximum tools and education so they can take on new challenges ... You need to provide training to retain employees, keep their skills relevant. Sure, you worry what if you train so well that they leave, but providing training is a good attraction to your company. People want to be part of a winning team."

Roger Levasseur, President And CEO, OpenSky

"We deliver high quality consulting services to our valued clients by hiring the best people with the right skills and extensive backgrounds and giving them the tools and support to do the right thing on every engagement. We owe our success to our employees that lend their talents, input and consistent dedication to the company, and we’re very deliberate about recognizing their contributions."