SP500: Capgemini On Must-Dos for Manufacturers; CSC, Atos Expand Cloud Computing

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What should your manufacturing customers be focused on -- and how can you help them attain their goals? Capgemini released a report that helps solution providers assist their customers and maintain their competitive advantage. Other news from top solution providers this week includes a financial iPad app, cloud computing solutions and the truth about green IT products.

Capgemini's Three Key Capabilities For Manufacturers

What are the key abilities solution provider customers should master in the 21st century? Capgemini's Floyd D’Costa discusses three core competencies that manufacturers must have to maintain their competitive edge in a blog at the solution provider's website. The first is the ability to make tough strategic decisions about a firm’s core competencies, its deficient competencies and its incompetent aspects, and what can be done about them. The second is the ability to form, develop, deepen, manage and exploit complex and interlinking business relationships. The final capability is the foresight to determine which relationships will represent long-term assets, and how to capitalize on them.

Survey: Green IT Products Good For Business, But Strain Margins

Although businesses recognize that green IT products and services as well as sustainability is important to growth, almost half surveyed by solution provider Accenture said that margins are currently lower on sustainable products and services. In the survey of 250 senior executives, 78 percent responded that sustainability is vital, and 62 percent said their sustainable investments are motivated by customer expectations. Only 29 percent were motivated by the need to reduce energy and material costs.

CSC Deploys Cisco To Automate Cloud Services

CSC will deploy Cisco’s Intelligent Automation for Cloud solution to automate the delivery and management of cloud services to clients. The solution will provide an automation and management layer for CSC’s off-premises and on-premises cloud models. CSC's self-service portal and service catalog lets customers order cloud infrastructure services online, with on-demand provisioning, a workflow engine to automate tasks associated with orchestration and pay-per-use tracking.

SS&C Launches iPad Finance App

SS&C Technologies recently made available a free iPad application via the iTunes App Store. The Zoologic Finance 2.0 app lets users access accredited educational courses for the financial services industry from their iPad or other mobile devices. The first course offered in the Finance 2.0 mobile app series is "Introduction to Securities Markets." The course outlines the function and organization of capital markets and describes how securities are structured, priced and sold.

Atos Partners With Chinese Cloud Services Provider

Atos, a European IT services leader, and Yonyou, a Chinese software solutions and cloud services provider in Asia-Pacific, are partnering to offer cloud computing in Asia Pacific. Together, they are targeting the private-cloud market in China and the public cloud for the rest of Asia Pacific. In addition, the two companies will work together to introduce newly integrated manufacturing solutions to the Chinese market.

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